Dasi – The Bondswoman Part – 1 & 2 ( Telugu )

Dasi / Daasi (Bondswoman) Part-1 & 2[Telugu]-

* With English Sub-Titles *

Set in 20’s, it chronicles the unenviable life of a housemaid,
who was in custom then, came as a part of dowry to a rich
Zamindar’s house. She goes through the
back breaking routine of household chores as well as
being expected to entertain the zamindar and his male guests.

When she gets pregnant, she is forced to abort. Narsing Rao, with the
help of his cameraman AK Bir, recreates the graceful lifestyle of the
privileged in limpid, sensuous images, as when the wife of the zamindar
is bathed and coiffeured by her maids, and contrasts it effectively
with his bleak suffocating world of the housemaid, whose world is not
her own.

The film that won Narsing Rao critical respect is
Daasi (Bonded Woman 1988).
This film won five National Awards, including the one
for Best Actress, won by Archana who played her role
with consummate skill.

Daasi Review at IMDB

Google Video Link for Part 1 (With English Subtitles )

Google Video Link for Part 2 (With English Subtitles )

Eventhough the movie is set in the 1920’s ,this practice is still
prevalent in many parts of India today.
The only people who have fought tirelessly against this degrading
inhuman practice are the maoists and naxalites.


2 Responses to “Dasi – The Bondswoman Part – 1 & 2 ( Telugu )”

  1. Mark K Says:

    I think you should probably warn comrades, Stalingam, that the files you link are really very large.

    For comrades who want to save these to their hard drive to watch them at their leisure, I recommend copying Stalingam’s links into .

  2. Stalingam Says:

    Thanks for that link

    I didn’t know that such a service existed.

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