Manmohan Singh

Manmohan Singh

Blogs are more powerful than guns.We don’t allow our enemies to
have guns then why must we then allow them to have blogs ?
– Joker not a Man Mohan Singh

Why the government is afraid of blogs ?

Because you can read about the Devarpalli Massacre which went unreported
by the main stream media here
The Devarpalli Massacre is the first incident in post-independent India’s history where the state has deliberately bombed its own civilian population.

You can watch the Salwa Judum Atrocities Videos which the government
doesn’t want you to see below

Part I of Salwa Judum Atrocities Videos

Remaining Parts of Salwa Judum Atrocities Videos

UPA’s Common Minimum Program is based on the following three slogans



MURDA JAWAN ,MURDA KISAN.(Dead Soldier , dead farmer.

Big Brother is watching you.
Don’t let the thought police get to you.


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