Commemorate Martyr’s Week Countrywide

July 28th, the day comrade Charu Majumdar was martyred is celebrated as
Shahid Week (Martyr’s Week) throughout the country.

A couple of weeks earlier is the martyrdom day of Comrade Kanai
Chatterji. In memory of both comrades who paved the path of
Indian revolution, July 28th has come to be known as Martyr’s Day.
It is these two comrades who brought the issue of armed struggle
and people’s war on to the political agenda of India.

Since then the Indian political scenario has never been
the same. Since the launch of the Naxalbari movement
over 10,000 comrades have laid down their lives for the
cause of the Indian revolution. Just in the 20 months since
the unity of the two main streams of the Maoists and the
formation of the CPI(Maoist) about 600 comrades
have been martyred.

They comprise the best sons and daughters of the country,
examples in selflessness and dedication to the cause of the poor.
On this day we cannot but remember their self-sacrificing nature
and their spirit of selfless dedication to the cause of the
oppressed masses of the country.

All these comrades, whether leaders, rank-and-file,
sympathizers, mahilla comrades or even the ordinary rural populace
dreamed of a new future of a genuinely free India, free from
injustice and inequality and for a genuinely
democratic order.

They all hated the present mafia raj that only benefits the rich and
wealthy and serves the imperialists to loot our country.
Can we ever forget their great and heroic sacrifice?

The government and its forces like ferocious monsters,
man-eating rakshasas, are massacring hundreds of revolutionaries
in the name of the Salwa Juddum, Sendra, Cobra, etc.

In DK even children of the age 12-14 were beheaded and their severed
head put on their own houses. Pregnant tribal women were gang-raped and
their stomachs then ripped open and brutally killed. Houses have been burned,
crops destroyed and the meager tribal belongings looted.

In AP the extra-judicial Cobras torture and kill mass leaders
and even chop up their bodies while still alive. The
greyhounds brutally torture and kill any
Naxalite they apprehend.

Similar is the trend in the other states, where the Naxalite
movement is present, like Jharkhand, Bihar,West Bengal, etc.

Besides this, thousands are being incarcerated in false cases and
tried in fast track courts like the senior Politburo members Sunil Roy
and Narayan Sanyal. Similar is the situation with the
Nationality movements of Kashmir and the
North East.

Can one keep silent in the face of all this terror?
To keep silent in the face of such brutalities amounts to consent. Let
us all break this conspiracy of silence and celebrate Martyr’s Week
in memory of these heroic and dedicated comrades who
gave their lives for the oppressed people of our country
and thereby voice our dissent on what is going on in the name of

Thousands and lakhs need to come out on this week and raise their
voice in condemnation of the brutalities and in salute to the martyred.

Read the rest by Downloading Peoplesmarch june/july2006 issue

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