Gauri Lankesh

“Saketh Rajan(alias prem) was not just a guy carrying a gun running around the forest fighting for the people. He was one of the most brilliant minds this state has ever produced”

– Gauri Lankesh(Respected Journalist,successful filmmaker,feminist and editor of Lankesh Patrika- Karnataka’s most popular kannada magazine. )

Comrade Saketh Rajan
Did you know that Comrade Saketh Rajan was not only the
state secretary of the CPI(Maoist) in Karnataka ,but was also
an award winning photographer !

That he had three post-graduate degrees !

That when he secured the first rank in his course and was to receive the award and certificate from the Minister Vidya Charan Shukla. He proceeded to the dais. But, without receiving the certificate from the Minister, nor even shaking hands with him, he had walked off the dais, as a show of his anger against the establishment

Read more about Karnataka’s Immortal Son of the Soil
– Comrade Saketh Rajan below

We remember Comrade Saketh Rajan thus we make him Immortal

How Comrade Saketh Rajan was killed in Treachery

I am proud of you my Son ! – Interview with Comrade Saketh Rajan’s mother

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