Demoralised Indian Police Forces face massive desertions !

Khaki Rakshashas on the retreat !
The Indian police force is today totally demoralised and their morale has
gone for a toss and
all over India we are witnessing large scale defections.
This comes at a time when India’s ruling classes are planning to
double the anti-naxal forces throughout the country.

At the same time
the Peoples Liberation Guerilla Army is facing an upsurge in
support throughout the country.
Recruitment is at an all time high throughtout the country with
women signing up in large numbers.

29 Indian Reserve Police constables desert force for fear of being
posted in Naxal-hit Chhattisgarh

Aizawl: Twenty-nine Indian Reserve Police constables who were undergoing training at the Counter Insurgeny and Jungle Warfare School at Lylapur in Assam’s Cachar district have deserted for fear of being posted at Naxalite-hit Chhatisgarh.

Assistant Inspector General of Police Zorammawi said the constables, belonging to the second battalion, were being given orientation training before being sent to various places in Naxalite-infested Chhattisgarh.

The Deputy Commandant of the second battalion of Indian Reserve Police, Kima, said the constables were afraid that they would be posted in Chhatisgarh, because of which they deserted on Monday.

They had even demanded advance travelling and daily allowances, he said.

The training was being held in Assam because of accommodation constraints at the Counter Insurgency and Jyngle Warfare Training School at Vairengthe in Mizoram, he added.

A detailed report on the whereabouts of the constables was awaited.



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