Public Meeting against Salwa Judum in Bangalore

I would like to invite everyone living in and around BANGALORE
to a Public Meeting against Salwa Judum.
Try and make it to this meeting.
I think I will be there.

A Public meeting Against Salwa Judum

Date: 2 September, 2006,

Timing : 4.30 PM

Venue: Aniketana, ( Basava Bhavan, old CET cell office)

Beside Kurubar Hostel, Gandhinagar, Bangalore


A Documentary about the Atrocities of Salwa Judum,

Cultural Program By Aadivaasis from Chatisgarh,

‘Salwa Judum’ Why & How – Dr. Darshan Pal,

Raaj Kumar, Aadivaasi Natya Manch, Chatisgarh,

Speakers from Karnataka,

Prof. Hasan Mansur, President PUCL,

Ms Gauri Lankesh,

Mr. Indudar Honnapur,

Mr. Sanatkumar Belagali,

Mr. Chukki Nandundaswamy ( President Karnataka Rajya Raita Sangha),

Presided by Prof.Babaiah

There will be no posts for the next three days.


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