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Shakesphere ‘s – Julius Ceaser Quote

September 29, 2006

Quote Shakesphere

“A coward dies a thousand deaths… a soldier dies but once.” – From Shaekespeare’s Julius Ceaser


People of the Shining Path – A documentary on Peru

September 29, 2006

People of the Shining Path

This film provides a sympathetic look at the Peruvian revolution and the Peruvian Communist Party before President Gonzalo’s capture.

CRPF in Chhattisgarh launches monsoon thrust against Naxals

September 29, 2006

CRPF in Chhattisgarh launches monsoon thrust against Naxals

A brainchild of supercop K P S Gill, the operation is meant to recapture ‘liberated’ areas


New Delhi: The CRPF has launched a crackdown against Naxalites in insurgency-hit Bastar region of Chhattisgarh to recapture areas “liberated” by the rebels, a low-key but massive operation fine-tuned by former supercop K P S Gill.

The monsoon thrust, planned to surprise Naxalites who usually lie low during the rainy season, began towards the end of August and is progressing without much bloodshed, top officials of the force said.

The strategy is to conduct surprise raids on the basis of intelligence reports and the CRPF has so far apprehended over 100 rebels and killed two, besides seizing huge quantities of arms and ammunition.

Official figures show that there were 24 shootouts between CRPF personnel and Naxals in August and September, with the force losing only one jawan. Nine persons were injured during the operations.

The operation, planned by CRPF director general J K Sinha and Gill, was launched in the wake of a Naxal raid on a relief camp for displaced people in Dantewada district in July that left at least 29 people dead and over 80 injured.

Now, the CRPF has directed its troops to avoid schools and hospitals while moving forward, as they apprehend that such structures could be booby-trapped.

After the start of Salwa Judum on June 4 last year, over 300 villagers have been killed by insurgents and about 50,000 people from nearly 700 villages of Dantewada have taken shelter in relief camps run by the state government.

Sources said the force had opened a control room at Jagdalpur to oversee the operations and set up “repeater stations” in remote jungles to boost communications.

Women and People’s War in Nepal by Hisila Yami( Comrade Parvati )

September 29, 2006

“Dear friends,

We are happily announcing the publication of the book People’s War and
Women’s Liberation in Nepal written by Hisila Yami (Comrade Parvati).

Total number of pages – 246 plus 15 coloured photos.

The price of the book is:

a) In India: Paper pack – Rs. 125.00 and
Hard Bound – Rs. 200.00

b) In other countries: Paper pack – $ 7.00 or equivalent and
Hard Bound – $ 10.00 or equivalent.
* For individual copies, we will bear the cost of mailing.

For bulk orders (applicable for more than 25 copies):
a) 25% Discount;
b) Purchaser has to bear the mailing cost;
c) Only pre-paid orders will be accepted.

For further enquiries, please contact:
purvaiya_publication @

With greetings,
M.Pal /26-09-06

By Hisila Yami (Comrade Parvati)


1. Ten Years Of People’s War And
The Question Of Women’s Liberation

2. Women’s Participation In People’s War In Nepal

3. The Question Of Women’s Leadership
In People’s War in Nepal

4. Women’s Participation In People’s Army

5. Women’s Position In The Party,
People’s Army And The New State

6. Ideological Synthesis And
The Question Of Women’s Liberation

7. Philosophy And
The Question Of Women’s Liberation

8. Interview To People’s March

9. Multidimensional Exploitation And
The Question Of Women’s Liberation

10. Rape: An Instrument Of
State Repression In Nepal

11. People’s War And The Question of Dalits

12. Nationality Question In Nepal

13. Experience Of People’s Power In Nepal

14. Women And The Democracy Movement

15. APPENDIX – 1

16. APPENDIX – 2

17. APPENDIX – 3″

Mao Tse-Tung quote

September 28, 2006

Mao Tse-Tung quote

Mao – Thirty years on

“The enemy advances, we retreat; the enemy camps, we harass; the enemy tires, we attack; the enemy retreats, we pursue”
-Mao Tse-Tung quote

Mao – 30 years on

September 28, 2006
Mao – Thirty years on

Aljazeera has a special series on Chairman Mao
Click Here to read all of them

Eight Glorious Years of Nepali People’s War (2004)

September 28, 2006

Eight Glorious Years of Nepali People’s War (2004)

This movie shows the heroic and inspiring struggle of the Nepali people, against all odds, even in the face of US imperialism and Indian expansionism.

In the face of all of this oppression and imperialism, the third poorest
country in the world with extraordinarily backward fuedal relations that oppress women and indigenous peoples, is standing up from the ground and ripping all oppression from the very root of culture, economic, and social relations.

The People’s War in Nepal is a shining beacon to all oppressed peoples around the world, and this documentary vividly demonstrates that.

This documentary has two parts

Click here to watch Part 1

Part 2,
1 hr 36 min 7 sec

Click here to watch or download this video on the Google Website

Maoist leader arrested in Jharkhand

September 28, 2006

Maoist leader arrested in Jharkhand

Communist Party of India-Maoist (CPI-Maoist) general secretary Keshwar Yadav, allegedly involved in attacks on police stations, has been arrested in Jharkhand, police officials said here Wednesday.

Yadav was arrested at Namkom, 13 km from Ranchi, Tuesday ‘after specific information on him’, said state director general of police V.D. Ram. ‘It (the arrest) is a big success for the police,’ he added.

Yadav joined the Maoist Communist Centre (MCC) in 1993 and gradually rose to become one of the top leaders of the Maoist organisation. When MCC merged with the People’s War Group in September 2004, he was given charge of the group’s activities in Chhattisgarh.

Police had announced a reward of Rs.100,000 for his capture.

Yadav was arrested along with another CPI-Maoist member, and two self-loading rifles were recovered from them, police officials said.

During interrogation, Yadav admitted to his involvement in several landmine blasts and attacks on police stations, claimed police officials.

Maoist rebels are active in 16 of the 22 districts of the state.

– Indo Asian News Service

Communists targeted in Iraq violence

September 28, 2006

Communists targeted in Iraq violence

A bomber attacked the headquarters of the Iraqi Communist party killing five people as violence across the country left 27 more people dead.

At least 15 people were also wounded when the bomber, riding a motorcycle, blew himself up in the capital’s central al-Andalus Square on Tuesday.

A party official said none of the dead were communists.

Nepal’s gain could be India’s pain

September 28, 2006

The issue of the transfer of weapons from the Nepali to the Indian
Maoists is rehashed in the Indian press again. From The Times of

Nepal’s gain could be India’s pain
Subodh Ghildiyal

NEW DELHI: It is feared Indian Maoists may get hold of some of the
sophisticated arms from their ideological brothers from the Himalayan

Security managers are also concerned over the reported growth in
naxal bases and movement on the Indian-Nepal border.

Uttaranchal has reported to home ministry that CPN (Maoist) cadres,
who dominate Nepalese areas along the border, routinely cross into
Indian territory. The state has sought help in manning bridges and
checking-in procedures.

Naxalites have begun to spread in north Bengal, bordering Nepal, from
their strong turf in the south-west of the state adjoining Orissa and

Falling in the north is Darjeeling, a tough mountainous terrain from
a security angle. The Centre recently warned the state on the
radicalisation of these areas and asked it to initiate action to nip
the threat in the bud.

Bihar, meanwhile, has sanctioned a special package for development
along the international boundary and it plans to strengthen the
intelligence network there as well.

Fresh fears over new arms dumps have heightened the worry, as they
come in the backdrop of Centre already grappling with the improving
quality of rebel arsenal, with the interception of naxal-bound
consignments of over 800 rockets in Andhra.

Evidence points to increasing militarisation of naxalites, matching
cops in the quality of weapons. Naxals in AP have acquired
sophisticated VHF sets for communication besides pressure-activated
and wireless activated mines.

AKs and SLRs are present in all naxal states. Crude rockets seized
recently have rattled the agencies as they were found to have been
manufactured in part at industrial units of Tamil Nadu.

http://timesofindia .indiatimes. com/articleshow/ 2023367.cms