Land mafia kingpin H.D Kumarswamy seeks solace in Idol Worship

Land mafia kingpin H.D Kumarswamy reeling under accusations from mining mafia kingpin Janardhan Reddy,has now decided to seek solace in idol worship at the Dharmasthala temple.

I am sure he must have prayed for divine intervention to help him supress
the aspirations of the people, carried out under the leadership and
guidance of naxalites in and around that region.

This is nothing new the former CM pig Dharam singh
too had once prayed to Mookambika to help him
suppress the revolutionary
struggle of the people led by the naxalites in Karnataka.
Dharam seeks divine intervention to counter naxalites

A couple of years ago the Peoples War Group in Andhra Pradesh
almost gave a direct ,no return ticket
to Mr Chandrababu Naidu while he was on his way to
the Tirupathi Devasthanam.

Mangalore Sept 2:
Karnataka State Chief Minister H. D. Kumaraswamy visited Dharmastala on Friday night and halted at Sannidi. On Saturday morning Kumaraswamy, along with his brother visited the Temple of Manjunatha Swamy. Later he visited Subramanya by road.

He also expressed his concern over the Naxal problem. He was emphatic that the naxal menace would be dealt with severaly and warned extremists of stringent action if they continued to disturb the peace in the region.

He specially warned the naxals against misleading the youth of our society and dragging them into violent activities in order to disturb the peace in the society. The government would provide sophisticated weapons to the police to deal with extremists besides sanctioning funds required for the purpose, he added.

However, the Chief Minister also assured the Naxals that their problems would be solved if they would come into the open with their grievances.

“Tell us what your(naxals) problems are and we will find a solution”, he said.

Kumarswamy observed that the naxals menace, if not curbed, might take a serious turn and the region, known for peace and natural beauty might not remain the same. Saying that the government is serious about the issue, he added that every effort would be made in order to restore peace in the region.



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