Kundapur: Naxal Activities Going on despite Combing Operations

Daijiworld News Network – Kundapur (GA)

Kundapur, Sep 6: There cannot be something ironic than this development. Police and the Anti-Naxal Squad (ANF) have been carrying out combing operations to keep a check on Naxalite activities. But the sources said that Naxalites are very much actives despite police and ANF presence in the interior areas. They visit houses, stay there overnight, have their food etc even when police are busy hunting for them in the same surroundings.

Naxalites were spotted by some locals at Devarbalu, Kabbinale, Yedamoge, Kotuguli areas on Sunday September 3. They are going around in guise making it difficult for the police as well as police informers to identify them. Owing to the amicable rapport they share with the locals, Naxalite get continuous reports about the movements of ANF and police squad.

Locals have developed a good relationship with Naxalites. While the rich and the wealthy have compromised with them and are helping them financially, people of the lower strata of the society have managed to keep up the rapport by helping them in various ways such as by informing about police movements, providing shelter etc.

It is said that more than 100 Naxalites have camped themselves in these areas and most of them are young women. Majority of them are becoming experts in using modern weapons too. A group of Naxalites who managed to escape from police by a whisker near Shringeri in the last week said to have reached this area.



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