Che Guevara

Che Guevara
Che Guevara

This single photograph of argentinian born cuban revolutionary Che Guevara stands out as one of the most powerful photographs of the last century.

The emotions that this man continues to evoke even today
among ordinary people are so strong that I find it hard to
believe he has been dead for decades.

You might have seen this image on T-Shirts,books…

Alberto Korda was the photographer who took the picture of Che
Guevara that became an icon of left-wing revolutionaries
and students worldwide.

Alberto Korda
Korda took the photo for which he will be best remembered at
a memorial service in March 1960.

Che Guevara stepped onto the podium and scanned the crowd.
Korda snapped two quick shots, including the legendary
one of the revolutionary with his beret, gazing like a
prophet into the distance.

dead che guevaraChe Guevara was tracked down and executed
by a American trained unit of the bolivian army.
His hands were subsquently chopped of and sent as ID proof.

Above is a picture of Felix Rodriguez(The man on the left ) with a captured Che Guevara. Felix was a CIA trained operative who supervised the capture and exectution of Che Guevara.Rodriguez is know to show Guevara’s Rolex watch which he took as a sovenir.

He had close relations with many american terrorists
including George Bush Sr.

To watch the video Commandant Che Guevara
Click Here

For complete informaion about che guevara


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