Maoists make a mark in Singur – Indian Corporate mafia trembles with fear

Maoists make a mark in Singur – Corporate mafia trembles with fear

Rajib Chatterjee/SNS

KOLKATA, Oct. 28- The state Intelligence Branch has asked Hooghly Police to keep watch on the movement of activists belonging to the Naxalite outfits ~ Krishak Committee and Shramik Sangram Committee ~ considered to be “frontal organisations” of the Communist Party of India (Maoist). Activists of both outfits are trying hard to win over the disgruntled farmers of Singur.

They even distributed leaflets yesterday among villagers who had gathered to attend the public hearing on the controversial land acquisition bid of the state government, convened by social activist Ms Medha Patkar.

Police suspect that the two Naxalite outfits have drawn up a blueprint to add momentum to the peasants’ agitation in Singur so that it can develop into a large-scale movement without any support from mainstream political parties.
The two outfits have targeted not only the CPI-M but also the Congress and the Trinamul Congress. They described the two parties as “anti-peasant” forces which are “trying to compromise” peasants’ interest.

That the two Naxalite outfits have established base in Singur was evident from the content of leaflets distributed by the Naxalites yesterday, a senior police officer said. “The Maoists joined the Trinamul Congress after the anti-land acquisition stir had begun.

Now, the Maoist outfits seem to have gained considerable support from local people in Singur. They seem to have made up their minds to go ahead with the movement on their own,” the officer said.


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