Karnataka CM tells officials to stay in naxal prone areas

Karnataka CM tells officials to stay in naxal prone areas
Sunday November 5 2006 12:05 IST

SRINGERI: ‘‘Stay in naxal prone areas and settle people’s problems,’’ instructed Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy.

‘‘Government is ready to solve people’s problems. A discussion is also held with the senior officials. I am also prepared to stay with the officials,’’ CM told reporters on Friday.

He clarified that the Government was committed to teach English from Class 1. It will not withdraw from its present decision yielding to any pressure, he added. Government is ready for any discussion in this regard, he clarified.

To a question, he said Congress was day dreaming that the coalition government would fall.

‘‘They have been dreaming this from the day coalition came to power,’’ he ridiculed.

When his attention was drawn to the problem of areca growers, Kumaraswamy said he had already clarified to the areca grower’s delegation that the Government would make all efforts to help the growers.

He added that he would personally meet the Union Agriculture Minister and explain growers problems. Centre must protect the interest of growers, he felt.



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