Naxals not written letter: Addl SP

Naxals not written letter: Addl SP
Tuesday November 14 2006 10:52 IST

CHIKMAGALUR: Police Department clarified that the threatening letter a businessman in this city had received last week was not sent by naxals as it was claimed in the letter.

Additional SP Phanindra Singh, talking to Kannada Prabha, sister publication of this paper, said that some miscreants must have written that letter. “People need not get panic”, he added.

Writer of that letter himself must have given a threatening call over telephone to the businessman. There cannot be involvement of more than one person in the mischief, he said.

This is the second incident of using naxal name to make threatening calls to the business people. Earlier the then DDPI Krishnamurthy received a similar letter.

It demanded to conduct an inquiry into the injustice allegedly meted out to physically handicapped persons aspiring to become teachers.

It had warned the DDPI would face serious consequences if proper inquiry was not done.

After a detailed investigation, Police Department had clarified that the letter was not written by naxals.


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