Maoists oppose Indo-US nuclear deal

Maoists oppose Indo-US nuclear deal

By Indo Asian News Service

Ranchi, Nov 26 (IANS) Now Maoist rebels in Jharkhand are protesting the Indo-US nuclear deal by apprising the people of the harmful impact of nuclear mining in the state.

The nuclear plant of Uranium Corporation of India Ltd (UCIL) is located at Jadugora in East Singhbhum district. The Maoist rebels have come out with the information of the side effects of radiation and how the people of the locality are suffering from it.

In an article in ‘Krantical’, the mouthpiece of Communist Party of India-Maoist (CPI-Maoist), the Maoists provided facts and figures of the harmful effects of UCIL’s nuclear plant on the people of the area.

The article says that even the Indian government in 1998 had admitted that the there were side effects of the plant. It cites the example of two villages located nearby.

‘There are 500 people in the two villages. Of the total population, 100 are children. Eight of them are mentally challenged, an equal number either blind or suffering from partial blindness,’ the article says.

It also talks about the impact of mining on the women.

‘Around 30 percent women face miscarriage and 17 percent suffer from irregular menstrual cycle,’ it says.

‘People of the country should wake up and oppose the Indo-US nuclear deal at any cost. If the deal goes ahead then India will produce more uranium and harm more people,’ the article says.


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