Uneasy calm in Yellandu villages as CPI(Maoist) and CPI(M-L)New Democracy clash

Uneasy calm in Yellandu villages as rival militants clash
Friday December 8 2006 11:22 IST

KHAMMAM: An uneasy calm is prevailing in several villages under Yellandu assembly constituency in view of the escalation of Maoist-CPI-ML (New Democracy) feud. The Maoists’ recent threats to eliminate New Democracy leaders have only helped to exacerbate the tensions.

New Democracy dalam leaders Chadranna and Linganna have alleged on Thursday that Maoists were targetting their leader Madhu and announced at a self-styled ‘people’s court,’ in which they warned that Madhu would be eliminated. Traditionally, Yellandu has been a stronghold of the New Democracy, but of late the Maoists are trying to make inroads into its popular support base.

This has been leading to tension between both the groups. The Maoists have two dalams operating in the areas. There were tensions even during the recent panchayat elections in the area.

Meanwhile, people in villages continue to live in fear anticipating violence. ‘‘We are keeping a close watch on the movements of the Maoists and the New Democracy militants. The dispute has been going on for the past five years and we are taking all steps to ensure peace and security in villages.’’ DSP B Veera Reddy said.


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