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It is displayed below the picture of comrade saketh rajan in
the right hand side index of the blog.

If you have any interesting questions that you want to ask
do leave them in the comments section and we will consider them.

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Team Naxal Revolution

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The current poll question is

Do you think the Indian Maoists should emulate
the Nepal Maoists ?

The poll is in the right hand index of the blogsite.
The poll is open until next sunday.


8 Responses to “Naxalrevolution Poll”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    dear comrades
    i respect you a lot for your dedication and your continous struggle.pls bear with me if i am harsh in this comment.i don’t know what went in your mind to go for such a poll.
    it reminds me of the charu mazumdar’s adventurist prediction of seizing political power in ten’s quite petty-bourgiesie outlook to seek revolution/seizure of power in an astrologer’s way. revolution is not dependent on the will of indidual/individuals but it depends on the objective and subjective conditions of the time.i oppose this kind of kiddish way of predicting revolutions in your otherwise highly respectful platform.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Ok comrade I agree

    I shall now change the question.

  3. rama Says:

    Hullo! A request. I think the term “tribal” for India’s Adivasi communities is objectionable. We should use the term “Adivasi”, and never “tribal”. If an English equivalent is necessary, then “indigenous peoples/communities” should be used. Hope you will consider this. Best, rama

  4. Anonymous Says:

    What Maoists in Nepal? Prachanda is no Maoist.

  5. Abhay Says:


    guys this is just a poll want to know
    what readers of this blog think about

  6. Abhay Says:


    Agree with you rama
    In future I shall use that term
    so far I don’t think I have used the term tribal on this website.

  7. Abhay Says:

    I suggest some of you anonymous commentators here to leave some sample questions which can be asked in the poll next week.



  8. Anonymous Says:

    Do you think the current line of prachanda and CPN(M)is revisionism?

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