We condemn the Mass killing in Nandigram

We condemn the Mass killing in Nandigram

We condemn the mass killing by the armed forces of the fascist West Bengal
government in Nandigram.

The fascist chief minister, the left front chairman and all high profile CPM leaders justified the murder as Nandigram has been out of reach to the armed forces. We would like to ask these pets of big companies why it became necessary for the armed forces to reach Nandigram?

Why the people of Nandigram shouldn’t have the right to determine what will be the best for them? Who gave the authority to these running dogs of imperialism to decide what will be the best for the people of Nandigram? These shameless fascists always claim that whatever they are doing is for the betterment of the people. Now, what sort of betterment they are aiming for? What sort of development they are achieving by the murder of at least 50 people?

Their hands are stained with the blood of people.

They have been dedicated themselves to serve the interest of the imperialiam-comprador capitalists; it has been proved by their activities for the last couple of decades. So, we cannot expect anything else than killing of people, detention of democratic-progressive-revoluti onary people in this fascist regime.

We just hate this brutality.
We don’t find appropriate words to express our hatred.

We believe that this mass killing will determine us to extend our support in every possible way to the people’s resistance of Nandigram and all other parts of India.

  • Red salute to the martyrs of Nandigram.
  • Red salute to the mothers of Nandigram who gave birth of these heroes of people’s resistance.

Resistance team

Please take time to sign this petition

Denounce State Terror in Nandigram, West Bengal


One Response to “We condemn the Mass killing in Nandigram”

  1. san Says:

    Haha, the Maoists are biting the hand of the Marxists. Abhay the crooked Naxalite bandit is cursing Buddadeb the crooked Communist Party of India bandit.

    You’re both disgusting creatures and liars. Abhay has a rape fetish, which is why he keeps imagining rapes as fast as his feverish mind can.

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