Khaki Rakshashas go on Rape Rampage in Bastar

Committee Against Violence On Women, (CAVOW)

To Smt Manju m Hembrom,
National Commission for Women,
New Delhi,

Dear Manjuji,

I am writing to bring to your notice the serious matter of the rape of 8 women from Kandkipara, village Sirisguda in the Lohandiguda area of Bastar by uniformed police personnel

As you know a serious serious issue in this area is the complete disregard for PESA in the land acquisition process for industry in Dantewara and Bastar. The common practice seems to be to organize a contentious gram sabha in the presence of senior govt officials and pressurize the villagers to pass a vote in favour of an opinion they do not hold. Any questioning of this manufactured ‘consent’ is brutally suppressed, in the process leading to brutalities including rape of women belonging to families that are dissenters.

This is currently the situation in Lohandiguda(Bastar) where land is being acquired for the Tatas. Police have clamped down severely on an effort by the villagers to have repeat gram sabhas under the pretext that a ‘decision’ once taken cannot be reversed.This is an absurd situation. I have just had news that on feb 26, in Sirisguda village 8 women including a class 10 student were dragged out of home a 4 in the morning and gang raped by police personnel, some in uniform.

The names of the women are Bati w/o Paklu, Pesto d/o Madda, Riko w/o Samaru, Mitku d/o Joma, (she is the one in class 10),Labo d/o Ojoram, Jabo d/oPaklu, Dulari d/o Ganpat, Sukvati w/o Mahadev. Mitku was ablet to read the name plate of one of the men who raped her and his surname is sahu. SP is refusing to register an FIR.

This is a serious matter and we would like the NCW to take it up with the State govt , and to ensure that an FIR is registered against the guilty and that the guilty are brought to book.

Dr IlinaSen, Raipur C.G. Date 9-03-07


One Response to “Khaki Rakshashas go on Rape Rampage in Bastar”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    What a joke so u wanna go to the NWC when u guys don’t actuallt bleive in the system at all.

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