Naxalite Song -Live Performence by Asian Dub Foundation

Naxalite Song -Live Performence by Asian Dub Foundation(2003)

Link to the video
Lyrics of the Song Naxalite

Brothers and sisters of the soul unite
We are one, indivisible and strong
They may try to break us
But they dare not underestimate us
They know our memories are long
A mass of sleeping villages
Thats how theyre pitching it
At least thats what they try to pretend
But check out our history
So rich and revolutionary
A prophecy
That we will rise again!

Like springing tigers
We encircle the cities
To the future we will take an oath
High up in the mountains
Deep in the forest
Our home is the undergrowth.

And we must never give up
Until the land is ours
No never give in
til we have taken the power.

Because, I am just a naxalite warrior
Fighting for survival and equality
Policeman beating up me, my brother and my father
My mother crying cant believe this reality

Iron like a lion from zion
This one going out to all youth, man and woman
Original master d pon the microphone stand
Cater for no sceptical man me dont give a damn!

cos me a naxalite warrior…..


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