Salwa Judum Rape fest in full swing

Top police officials have now joined the Salwa Judum Rape Fest

This happened some time ago and has been carried by the other blogs.

I am publishing it for the Archives..


Surrendered Maoist shot dead , Wife who convinced him to surrender gang raped by High ranking police official !

During investigations the team came across the shocking case of a tribal woman who was raped by the Superintend of Police in North Chhattisgarh. This happened after she tried to get her husband to surrender before the police.

Her husbnad, who had come to surrender, was shot in front of her eyes and then she went through this prolonged ordeal of gangrape. Two pertinent questions come to mind? How genuine is the surrender policy for Naxalites? We say that one of the achievements of the women’s movement is to have the law amended regarding custodial rape? But where is the law for the women of the toiling classes?

Download the document below

Comrade Prabhat has another report on how the Khakhi Rakshasas don’t even spare the SPO’s and molested one woman recently…

The differences between the SPO’s(Special Police Officers) and Armed Forces came into light when both the parties fired at each other after a woman SPO was alledgedly molested by jawans of Chhattisgarh Armed Police(CAF).

The SPO are realising now that they have been made guinea-pigs by the State Government of Chhattisgarh and the Armed Forces in their fight against the Maoists.Not only are the SPO used as Shields by the Brave Armed Forces during
combing operations but also the women SPO’s fall victim to the lust of the jawans.

Click on image for larger picture


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