Kannada Movie on Naxalites

Ondu Preethiya Kathe’, A well-made action flick
Sunday April 1 2007 10:48 IST

It is a triangular love story set against the backdrop of the pledgling Naxal issue in Karnataka. Director Rajasekhar Rao has made a good attempt to defend his views on capitalists and naxalites.

While suggesting that armed struggle is not the only solution to narrow the gap between haves and have nots, he makes it clear that malevolent and greedy people among the affluent are the main reason for the many miseries faced by the oppressed. He propagates ‘Live and let live’ policy.

Though most of the artistes are new, they have given a good performance. Shankar Aryan walks away with all honours while Yagna Shetty proves that she can give other heroines a run for their money. Narayana Swamy has given good support. Sanketh Kashi has played an insignificant character role. Director Rao has also played a brief role, though his dialogue delivery is superb.

Music director Gandharva has provided lilting tunes and cinematographer Umesh has done a neat job behind the camera. Beautiful locations shot at Mysore, Mangalore and Sringeri are a treat for your eyes.

The story is all about Sharath (Swamy) who is in love with Saakshi (Yagna Shetty), an affluent girl. Meanwhile he receives a letter requesting him to come to Sringeri. He obliges but instead lands in police custody. The police suspect him to be an extremist.

Meanwhile, Saakshi comes to Sringeri in search of Sharath. At this point, the director tells us that Suryam alias Suri (Shankar Aryan) was in love with Saakshi during his college days and her father was responsible for his father’s death.

She meets both of them (Suri and Sharath). Who will marry Saakshi is the climax. A movie worth watching with your family.

Cast: Shankar Aryan, Yagna Shetty, Padma Director: Rajasekhar Rao

Indian Express

Naxalite released on bail
Saturday March 31 2007 08:43 IST

BELLARY: A former Naxalite Mustooru Ravi was detained, and later released on conditional bail here on Thursday.

The sleuths of Bellary Anti-Naxal squad headed by inspector M.R. Reddy, took him into custody and interrogated him. Highly placed sources in the Bellary Police Department told this website’s newspaper that the former Naxalite had revealed several details about Naxal activities in and around the district.

Ravi fell into the trap on Thursday morning at Vishalnagar on the outskirts of Bellary. He belongs to Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh.

Later, in the evening he was produced before the magistrate and released on conditional bail on a bond of Rs 50,000.


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