CPM backed trade union smashed in workers’ cooperative elections in Haldia

All the efforts of the CPM goebbels has failed , the people have seen through
the propoganda and the CPM today stands exposed like never before.

CPM loses out in port union

Statesman News Service
MIDNAPORE, April 4: Red rampage in Nandigram has rocked the Haldia port. The anti-Left Kolkata Port Trust shramik union has wrested the Haldia dock institute, a cultural club of the officers and employees of Haldia Port, from the Citu after defeating the latter in the managing committee election of the club by 10-8 votes results of which were declared on Saturday.

The results have created a sensation in the port city as the Citu-controlled Kolkata Port Trust and shore mazdoor union has been ousted after 30 years of its stay in power. Though a club of the officers and the employees it plays a vital role in different affairs of the port’s management. The inglorious defeat of the shore union is said to be a virtual rubbing of Mr Lakshman Seth, the party MP and district president of the Citu.


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