Police man admits his men raped women activists in Nandigram

One of primary incentives that motivates thousands of criminals
to join the Indian Police Force every year is the opportunity to
rape women and get away with it.

It is an established fact that several dozen policemen took
part in the rape fest at Nandigram on that fateful night.

Two people have been named what about the rest ?

Police indulged in rape at Nandigram

Kolkata, April 4: In a damning report, police have admitted that two of its men raped a woman during the clashes at Nandigram on March 14, even as the Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee government was struggling to wriggle out of the crisis arising from the land acquisition protests in West Bengal.

The shocking admission was made by East Midnapore Superintendent of Police G A Srinivas in his report to the state headquarters here and which is part of the report the state government has submitted to the West Bengal Human Rights Commission.

WBHRC chairman Justice Shyamal Sen said : “the fact of the matter is that two policemen, against whom complaint has been filed, were found to have raped the woman complainant.” Justice Sen said the report of the police superintendent was part of the report that the state government submitted to the Commission on the incident.

The Commission had earlier sent a notice to the state government on March 15 to file a detailed report on the incident.

He said the Commission had received the initial report and sought more details from the state government on the clashes at Nandigram in which 14 people were killed and 200 injured.

Chennai Online


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