Rape of Chhattishgarh – 11 Advasis butchered by Paramilitary

Bhumkal has a post on how paramilitary and police forces
are targeting innocent tribals to create a wave of terror.
He has some questions to ask… but I doubt if anyone
really has any answers to them

(click for larger view)

During his visit to village Santoshpur,eminent journalist Subhranshu Chaudhary found out that it was not 7 but nearly 12 tribals killed by the armed forces and the SPOs as part of K.P.S. Gills strategy to force the villagers leave home and live in “Salwa Judum” camps on the night of 31st march 07…..

I am sure there are good people also in the Armed forces,then why this genocide?Aren’t they scared that somebody is keeping a track of their inhuman acts?Why are they also becoming a player in the exploitation of Bastar?

Recently a CRPF truck was caught by the forest officials in Narainpur district loaded with Teak Wood to be smuggled to different places by armed forces?Is this a part of their training or the resources of bastar to tempting for them to break all the rules whether its Human Rights or Environmental??

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