Letter from Maoist leader to the "The Telegraph"

Source: The Telegraph

Was it misrepresented?

Sir — Your news item “Maoist e-mail jolts Ranchi,” dated April 10, 2007, is another calculated effort at sensationalism with distorted presentation. It is a fact that it was e-mailed to the Jharkhand deputy chief minister asking him to desist from spreading lies and glorifying the notorious MP, Sunil Mahto, executed by our armed wing. Your “Own Bureau” outdid our purpose and misrepresented the e-mail content to pass it for a threat to the deputy chief minister of Jharkhand. Ours is a revolutionary organisation that resorts to various means to throw political challenges to the enemy, criticising and even lambasting its anti-people activities.

We have our political and military wings with definite ideology. Issuing threat (your news obviously means a threat of his life) by way of an e-mail or a letter for military action against a person like a chief minister or deputy chief minister has never been our method and we do not indulge in such frivolity. Try to be honest in representation of facts and shun yellow journalism.

Sudev Murrmu, CPI (Maoist), Bihar-Jharkhand-Orissa Border Regional Committee

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