CPI(Maoist) Karnataka State Committe press release on posters released by state police

Source : Received via Email

Respectable editors and all representatives of the media.
Struggle greetings to you.
We are sending this press release on posters released by state
police against us. Requesting to favour this for the publication.

Yours in struggle,
For the state committee
CPI (Maoist)
23-06-07 karnataka

Police department has released posters containing photos of our comrades as most wanted ones and fixed one lakh rupees on each. They projected all these most social concerned persons as anti social criminals. But actually the fact is that police officials are the most criminal, anti people elements, murderers. Shankar Bidari is one of them, who ruined the life of the people of Chamaraja nagara, Kollegala, Mysore area. In the name of anti Veerappan operation he did such a brutal and uncivilized violence on common people.Many women and girls were gangraped,molested,and murdered.people’s property looted and foisted several false cases, by thisshankara bidari and his men. This was also revealed by Justice Sadashiva commission’s enguiry. But no action was taken by the any ruling governments. That same bloodthirsty man, continuing these anti people activities, in the same manner. Ruling classes and their parties are indulging waves of crimes on people and country.

For maintaining their exploitation,loot,compradorship to imperialists, these cruel forces and it’s masters are playing this threatening game with the thought of preventing people from struggle for their life and society. Never, impossible, peoples’s struggle can not be stopped by any force. revolutionary movement can not be suppressed by these dirty and cruel acts on humanity. History proved it .People will broke all barriers and chains of exploitation.

The Janatha Dal and BJP coalition government is preparing to unleash terror on struggling people. On the one hand they are imposing false cases, arresting, encountering etc and on the other, they are including pro people’s organizations pro people individuals and democrats in the list like criminals,to stop their voice.

This is nothing but preparing the ground for ruthless offensive on people. This is total violation of so called democratic rules and principles and the real intention is to implement fascist rules. By that they are trying to make favourable atmosphere for forth coming anti people projects, which results displacements of the people and losing of land ,such as national parks, reserve forests, BT parks, water and power projects, road projects etc.

These are all part of suppression of people’s movements all over India. In nandigram of west Bengal, hundreds of people butchered by CPI (M) led government. In orissa, chattisghad,jharkhand, bihar, Andhra pradesh and else where, state and central governments unleashing ruthless terror on people. Kidnappings, gang rapes, fake encounters, arsons etc are become common.

Karnataka government is having coordination with central joint operational command (JOC), which is formed particularly for suppressing our movement.

Government is not showing any concern for agitating people of the land and their burning problems.They only trying to ruin people and land. Is these governments are by the people, to the people and for the people.? they are by the ruling class,to the ruling class and for the ruling class i,e big land lords,comprador buerocratic capitalists.That,s why people have only way, struggle and war.

We strongly condemn these anti people acts of government and it’s forces
We are demanding to withdrawal of those posters, photos, rewards and lists with immediate effect

Immediately withdraw listing of pro people organizations and individuals as anti people ones.
We appeal all freedom loving people, democrats, progressives, and intellectuals to condemn these anti people activities of government and it’s forces, wage relent less struggle for right to organize and be organized, right to live, right to speak and right to fight.

Dare to rebel, dare to win.

with revolutionary greetings yours,
For the state committee



One Response to “CPI(Maoist) Karnataka State Committe press release on posters released by state police”

  1. himanshu damle Says:

    if the press is really for the people, then they should dare to publish this else they are just handmaidens of the rulers of chameleonic type.


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