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Release of Dr. Binayak Sen, National Vice President PUCL, from imprisonment Petition

May 25, 2007

Release of Dr. Binayak Sen, National Vice President PUCL, from imprisonment

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To: Honourable President of India Honourable
Prime Minister of India

National Human Rights Commission

Governor, Chhattisgarh


We condemn the Mass killing in Nandigram

March 15, 2007

We condemn the Mass killing in Nandigram

We condemn the mass killing by the armed forces of the fascist West Bengal
government in Nandigram.

The fascist chief minister, the left front chairman and all high profile CPM leaders justified the murder as Nandigram has been out of reach to the armed forces. We would like to ask these pets of big companies why it became necessary for the armed forces to reach Nandigram?

Why the people of Nandigram shouldn’t have the right to determine what will be the best for them? Who gave the authority to these running dogs of imperialism to decide what will be the best for the people of Nandigram? These shameless fascists always claim that whatever they are doing is for the betterment of the people. Now, what sort of betterment they are aiming for? What sort of development they are achieving by the murder of at least 50 people?

Their hands are stained with the blood of people.

They have been dedicated themselves to serve the interest of the imperialiam-comprador capitalists; it has been proved by their activities for the last couple of decades. So, we cannot expect anything else than killing of people, detention of democratic-progressive-revoluti onary people in this fascist regime.

We just hate this brutality.
We don’t find appropriate words to express our hatred.

We believe that this mass killing will determine us to extend our support in every possible way to the people’s resistance of Nandigram and all other parts of India.

  • Red salute to the martyrs of Nandigram.
  • Red salute to the mothers of Nandigram who gave birth of these heroes of people’s resistance.

Resistance team

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Denounce State Terror in Nandigram, West Bengal

After 30 years, probe sought into death of two youths

December 8, 2006

Please Sign the petition asking for an inquiry into Custodial Death of Varkala Vijayan During the State of Emergency in India, 1975-77
by clicking here

After 30 years, probe sought into death of two youths
Friday December 8 2006 00:00 IST


T’PURAM: American thinker Noam Chomsky and author-activist Arundhati Roy have signed an online petition seeking a fresh inquiry into the killing of two youths during the emergency rule of then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi 30 years ago.

The forum that initiated the campaign petition has met Chief Minister V S Achuthanandan with the signatures of 16 prominent people. It says a wide section of people have expressed support for the cause.

“We posted an online petition on, governed by Amnesty International. The response has been encouraging,” J Reghu, the convenor of the forum, told IANS. The two youths who died were Varkala Vijayan, a Naxalite, and P Rajan, a student at the Regional Engineering College in Kozhikode.

Vijayan, who went underground when Indira Gandhi imposed emergency in June 1975, was arrested and taken to a police camp here March 5, 1976. He died in police custody. His body was never traced.

In 1998, Dayanandan, a driver in the police, revealed that he had transported Vijayan’s body to Ponmudi hills, 90 km from here, to be burnt so that evidence of the crime was destroyed. Dayanandan, however, died two years ago.

Rajan too died in illegal police custody after being whisked away from his hostel March 1, 1976. That death saw former chief minister K Karunakaran step down after the Kerala High Court indicted the state government. Achuthanandan, who had promised a re-investigation into custodial deaths before taking power, has not been able to do much so far. Reghu said he found Achuthanandan’s response to the petition to be very “cold”.

“Nothing was spoken. He took the petition and said he would do the needful,” he said. Chomsky has signed the petition seeking a fresh inquiry. He also sent an email to the forum.

“Now the response is piling up and we will send mail in batches of 200 each to Achuthanandan. If nothing happens, then we will take this up in New Delhi and in other parts of the world,” said Reghu.

Petition : Inquiry into Custodial Death of Varkala Vijayan During the State of Emergency in India, 1975-77

November 28, 2006

Inquiry into Custodial Death of Varkala Vijayan During the State of Emergency in India, 1975-77

Please sign the petition here

BTW for the curious
Noam Chomsky has indeed signed this petition as confirmed
by the mainstream media reports.
His signature is No 17

Extract from the petition

To: Government of Kerala, India

An Appeal to the Government of Kerala, India

The period end-June 1975 to mid-March 1977 marks a critical period in India’s democratic polity. The ‘state of internal emergency’ declared by the Government of India did away with individual and collective rights of freedom of expression as guaranteed under the Constitution. Those twenty months saw the gagging of free press, forced family planning among minority communities, ban on several political organisations, raid on party offices, setting up of torture camps, unrecorded arrests, increased number of custodial deaths, fake encounters, and ‘missing’.

One among the many who were brutally tortured and killed in custody was 24-year-old Varkala Vijayan, political activist and theatre person of Kerala. Very little, however, was known about his death then. His body was never recovered. Given the adverse conditions, the press failed to report the incident. Unlike in certain others, in the case of Vijayan, no substantive inquiry has been conducted even to this date.

In 1998, Dayanandan, the driver of the police jeep that carried Vijayan’s body to the Ponmudi hills, near Kerala’s capital, Thiruvananthapuram, to be burnt and evidence destroyed, narrated the events and sites relating to his killing and disposing of the corpse. More recently, Sathi, who was taken into custody along with Vijayan, has detailed the happenings in the police torture camp. There are other witnesses as well.

What emerges from their accounts is that Vijayan was taken into custody on 5th March 1976 and killed within two days. The police charge against Vijayan was that as an activist of the Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist), he had put up posters and scripted a play in protest against the internal emergency.

A large section of Kerala’s workers, artists, activists, journalists, academics, intellectuals, and others have demanded a fresh inquiry, in the light of new evidence, into Vijayan’s death. The demand is based on the premise that such an inquiry has crucial implications, not only for recovering the even now little known history of those days and reaffirming the ideals of democracy, but for preventing deaths in custody that continue to occur in Kerala and India. The issue has now received widespread media attention.

I actively support the cause and appeal to the Government of Kerala to conduct a comprehensive inquiry into the circumstances that led to the death of Varkala Vijayan and initiate action to bring the guilty to book.

Sign the petition to condemn the Czech Republic’s ban on Communist Youth Union

November 4, 2006

To sign the petition to condemn the
Czech Republic’s ban on Communist Youth Union – Click here

CPI(Marxist) -Big Broker for capitalist interests

September 24, 2006

Naam he Joker, Kaam he Broker –
CPI(Marxist’s) new age mantra.

CPI(Marxist) -Big Broker for capitalist interests

Condemn the efforts of the CPI(marxist)government of
West Bengal to seize the land of peasents and farmers !

by signing the online petition below.

Background Information on Singur

Singur is a thriving farming community in the West Bengal State of India. Its 20,000 habitants, mostly small peasants, agricultural workers and small traders will be displaced soon in the name of “development” as Tata Motors is set to take over their land.

More than 4000 peasant families as well as agricultural labourers, unregistered sharecroppers, cottage industry workers and local small business people are living under the threat of imminent eviction from their 1253 acres of land and their livelihood is endangered with this move of the West Bengal government.

The State has ordered the peasants to immediately stop sowing rice and to accept the State’s decision of farmland acquisition and the following eviction. The government plans to acquire land through the Land Acquisition Act, then would be leased /sold out to Tata Motors, a giant Indian corporation, at a subsidised rate through the West Bengal Industrial Development Corporation.

The selected land for acquisition is a fertile multi-cropping agricultural land. Its lush and multi-crop land yields 8,000 to 9,000 tons of rice, wheat, vegetables and jute per year. The decision of the State Government to acquire this land surprised the peasants and many other Civil Society activists as Tata could easily be set up in other locations in the state where adequate non agricultural land are available.

The Chief Minister offered the Tatas unarable land in West Medinipur for setting up the manufacturing unit, but the latter preferred this agricultural land and the supposedly pro-people Left Front government in order to oblige the influential multinational company surrendered meekly to this compulsion. Besides this, the acquisition of such a huge land area signifies that the Tata may turn these lands into a ‘Real Estate’ venture in the near future like the other Indian companies did.

Moreover, no adequate compensation or rehabilitation package has been offered to the affected. Only one time monetary compensation is promised, which the peasants think is way below the market price. No economic rehabilitation is offered to 20,000 peasants whose livelihoods would be directly affected, neither any compensation is offered to those agricultural labourers, sharecroppers and others who depend on these lands indirectly and would also be deprived of their livelihoods.

Peasant women would be severely affected as in most cases lands are not recorded in their names and they would not get the compensations themselves. Moreover, it must be noted here that no compensation will be appropriate for such damage as the peasants have practised only agriculture over generations and are rendered unskilled and inadept for other occupations. Thus, they will lose their access to food producing resources i.e. land and would be exposed to hunger and starvation. In fact, the whole process of alignment of the compensation package is not transparent, meagre and there is no participation of the affected people in this process.

It is important to mention here that acquisition of 1253 acres of fertile agricultural land in Singur, is part of the larger plan of the State Government to acquire 43000 acres of land (mostly agricultural) for industrial purposes in the state.

Acquisition of 1253 acres of land in Singur will destroy food security of 20,000 people who depend directly or indirectly on these lands. Even the trivial compensation promised by the Government overlooks those who indirectly depend on these lands for food security e.g. agricultural or unregistered share croppers, workers of local cottage industry, people locally engaged in small business etc.

Please take action by publicising this issue and by signing to this online petition. A copy of the petition letter will be automatically sent to the Chief Minister of West Bengal, West Bengal Human Rights Commission and to the United Nations Rapporteur on the Right to Food.

Sign the petition by clicking here

September 2, 2006,International Day of Solidarity with the People’s Struggle in Nepal

August 31, 2006

September 2, 2006
International Day of Solidarity with the People’s Struggle in Nepal


### Britain-LONDON—>Date: Saturday, 2nd September 2006 Time: 2P.M. Venue: Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London, WC1 (Close to Holborn Tube Station)

#### Germany-FRANKFURT/M.—>Date: Sonday, 3nd September 2006 Time: 2P.M. Venue: Haus der Jugend, Sachsenhausen-Frankfurt,

####Belgium-LUEVEN(Near Brüssel).—>Date: Sonday, 2nd September 2006 Time: 2 p.m Venue: Ons Huis Goudsbloemstraat 27, Leuven## NPPF-B: 0484/18 13 21 – Gurung Ram Bahadur, NINCF-B: 0497/04 68 28 – Gurung Gam Bahadur

##WPRM-Belgium:0484781882- Subedi Chitra ## OSLO-Norwegen Demonstration 2nd september in front US Embassy

### BERLIN:A rally in Berlin in front of the US embassy on Sept. 2nd at 2pm, and evening program(more info:


1st.September 2006

###ITALY-PALERMO, MASS MEETING 1st.September 2006,
Contact:WPRM-ITALY, Via Maione da Bari, 49/A, 90100 Palermo, Italy;

2nd September 2006

###Britain-LONDON Date: Saturday, 2nd September 2006 Time: 2P.M.
Venue: Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London, WC1 (Close to Holborn Tube Station)

###BERLIN:A rally in Berlin in front of the US embassy on Sept. 2nd at 2pm,
and evening program (more info: )

####Belgium-LUEVEN ,Date: Saturday, 2nd September 2006 Time: 2 p.m
Venue: Ons Huis Goudsbloemstraat 27, Leuven Org. by Stop USA & NPPF-B & WPRM-Belgium:0484781882- Subedi Chitra

###OSLO-Norwegen Demonstration 2nd september in front US-Embassy ; Org. by South Asia Solidarty Group- Norway

SWITZERLAND-ZURICH; 2nd September 2006; Hohlstrasse 500,8048 Zürich-ZKD Dernegi Lokali 5 pm

PARIS, ATHEN, Coming Soon…

3rd September 2006

####GERMANY-FRANKFURT/M.—>Date: Sunday, 3nd September 2006 Time: 2P.M.
Venue: Haus der Jugend, Sachsenhausen-Frankfurt,

Sign the petition in support of Comrade Dipanker Bhattacharya

June 23, 2006

Sign this online petition to urge the Arjun Munda Government to withdraw the false
charges against Comrade Dipanker Bhattacharya

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Saffron witchhunt against comrade dipanker bhattacharya

Arjun Munda urged to drop false charges

June 16, 2006

RANCHI : Jharkhand CM Arjun Mundas office is piling up with letters demanding withdrawal of the chargesheet filed by the police against CPI(ML) general secretary Dipankar Bhattacharya on various charges, including attempt to murder. The letters have been written by eminent personalities including The Indian Express former editor Kuldip Nayyar, Delhi High Court former Chief Justice Rajendra Sacchar and CPI general secretary A.B.Bardhan. In fact, Bhattacharyas case dates back to March 1, 2001 when the state Assembly was in session.

The session was taking place after the district witnessed two separate instances of police firing resulting in the four deaths. The CPI(ML) cadre led by Bhattacharya had organised a massive demonstration outside the Assembly to protest against the killings. According to the chargesheet,about 1,000 demonstrators led by Bhattacharya indulged in violence. They started using force against the civil and police officials… (they) also began to hurl bricks and stones on the jawans and even beat them up. The RAF personnel were ordered to fire tear-gas shells and after police resorted to mild lathi-charge, the order was restored.— ENS

I request all those who are concerned by the latest assault on
comrade Dipanker Bhattachary
to write to the chief minister of Jharkhand Arjun Munda

Arjun Munda
Chief Minister Secretariat
Kanke Road, Ranchi

Voice your protest by calling him at

Chief Minister’s Secretariat
Chief Minister 0651-281500 0651-307172

Office at Kanke Road
Secretary to Chief Minister 0651-281400 0651-205300

Addl. Secretary 0651-282500
Dy. Secretary 0651-306930, 0651-281300

Project Building

Chief Minister 0651-403233

Secretary to C.M. 0651-403249

Dy. Secretary 0651-403256

Chief Secretary’s Office

Chief Secretary 0651-403750, 0651-403240, 0651-317599

Secretary to Chief Secretary 0651-403250, 0651-403750, 0651-283453

Note International Callers will have to prefix 91 to all
telephone numbers

Telephone numbers courtsey —

Apparently Arjun Munda uses e-software to scan all the mails he gets

“It is difficult for the chief minister to go through each letter. Now through the e-software each letter will be scanned and put on the computer. And the theme of the letter will be mentioned so that the chief minister can read it,” said an official of the CMO.

“The chief minister will now be able to reply to the letters he wants to.” The software is aimed at sending replies within 24-48 hours of receiving the letters by post.


Lets put the software to test…