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Ex-Minister demands resignation of Karnataka Home Minister

June 28, 2007

Ex-Minister demands resignation of Karnataka Home Minister

Mysore, June 26: Former Minister and senior Congress leader H Viswanath today demanded the resignation of Karnataka Home Minister M P Prakash for not being aware of the disclosure of list of naxal sympathisers in the State by the police.

Talking to reporters here, he said Mr Prakash should have known the facts and names in the list.

Mr Viswanath condemned the Government’s attitude for including the names of veteran farmer leader Kadidalu Shamanna and many university professors in the naxal list.

”Mr Prakash should also suspend the police officials concerned for releasing the list,” he said.

Stating that Revenue Minister Jagadish Shettar was not aware of the recent decision regarding formation of two new districts in the State, he said it was another evidence that exposed the functioning of the government.

On land grabbing by various political leaders in the State, Mr Viswanath challenged Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy to make their names public.



Naxal sympathisers’ list flayed

June 28, 2007

Tuesday June 26 2007 11:30 IST

SHIMOGA: Karnataka Komu Souharda Vedike has condemned the inclusion of progressive thinkers, journalists and farmer leaders in the list of Naxal sympathisers.

Speaking to reporters here on Monday, Vedike secretary K L Ashok alleged that the State Government was trying to suppress the progressive movement and freedom of expression by releasing the list and was protecting the interests of communal outfits.

The list of Naxal sympathisers has disclosed the hidden agenda of the state government, he stated.

He also added that a case would be filed soon against police officer Shankar Bidari who disclosed the list.


CPI(Maoist) Karnataka Press release regarding murder of our beloved com Rajamouli ,central commitee member and Karnataka state secretary

June 25, 2007

Source : Received via email

Respectable editors and representatives of the media , struggle greetings to you.This is our press release regarding murder of our beloved com Rajamouli ,central commitee member and our state secretary by the ruling class goons of andhra police.

Requesting to publish this with due consideration.
yours in struggle,
Gangadhara 24-06-07
for the state committee

Comrade Raja mouli alias Naveen, central committee member and karnataka state committee secretary was cought at Kollom of kerala state on 22nd, at 2 o’ clock after noon, by the ruling class goons of andhra special police. At that time he was talking through phone, numbered 0474 2765303; may be at Kollum ksrtc bus stand, with the one of our comrades of karnataka.They tortured him severely and murdered with out caring any so called legal rules and norms. Then concocted, as usual, general story of encounter . He started from Bangalore on 20 th june at night 8.o clock . Whatever informations giving by the killer police officials about encounter is utterly false.These ruling class criminals are acting as mafia gangs, operating for money,posing as protecters of people,cheating civil society,doing all anti social activities and protects anti socials. Rajashekara reddy government of Andhra pradesh killed our comrade by throwing away all rules and norms that it has to be followed and protected.

Com Rajamouli was simple and mingling person. He took the responsibility of karnataka from november 2005. He was active and enthusiastic, had a good military knowledge, he delivered it to others also.He tried to know karnataka and guided as a secretary for more than one and half years He actively participated and led the successful struggle against right opportunist line,which came forward in the karnataka party during the 5th state conference ( 2005-2006.)

He was a relentless fighter in the miltary field and in the political feild. He contributed by bringing important political questions for discussions in recently concluded unity congress of the party. He spent his most of the life for serving the people and party.

His martyrdom is great loss to all India movement and karnataka particularly. People and party lost great revolutionary leader and military teacher. We are sharing all sorrows and griefs of his family and people. We saluting his parents for their contribution to indian revolution, by giving great leader to the people.

Revolutionary move ment can not be stopped by these type of heinous crimes on humanity by the ruling classes. Revolution is naturally growing phenamena reactionaries are naturally dying phenamena of this coercive exploitative world.Leadership and leaders were emerges and emerging from people’s struggle.People’s struggle can not be stopped without stopping exploitation.Revolution can not be stopped without bringing non exploitative egalitarian society.
Rajashekara reddy government will have to pay proper price for this murder.

* We strongly condemns this heinous murder of our beloved com Sendhe Rajamouli.

* We are pressing strongly to bring all murderers under punishment.

* We are requesting human rights organizations and activists to bring all facts of this state murder before the the people

* We appeal all people , democrats ,pro people organizations and progressives to condemn this murder and fight against this fascist rulers and their goons in uniform.

With revolutionary greetings

Yours in struggle,
Gangadhara 24-06-07
for the state committee


We are very sorry, by mistake we stated that our comrade sende rajamouli was caught on 22nd 2 o clock. It is 21st 2 oclock afternoon at kollam, he abruptly ended his talking through phone,numbered0474 2765303 ,with yeeh yeeeh like sound.
please consider this.and do the needful. And also consider while publishing our statement on this regard.Sorry for the inconvenience. yours in struggle


For the state committee

Beltangady: Abandoned Gun Found in a Naxal-affected Area

June 21, 2007

Beltangady, Jun 19: An abandoned gun was found in a Naxal-affected area at Sulkeri near Naravi here on Monday, June 18. It was found in a pump house owned by Achan Kutti of Heraje Farm.

On receiving definite information, policemen led by Beltangady SI, Gangi Reddy, raided the spot and recovered the gun.

The police have taken the matter seriously since this is a Naxal-affected area and it was only a few days ago that a few Naxalites were spotted in the region. The investigation is focused on finding whether the gun belonged to the Naxals or someone had hidden it in order to supply it to the Naxals.

CPI(Maoist) Karnataka press release regarding the action taken on police informer of Genda gatta of sringeri.

June 7, 2007

Source : Received via email

Respected editors, reporters and representatives of the media,
struggle greetings.

We are sending this press release regarding the action taken on a
police informer of Genda gatta of sringeri.

Please consider this for publication.

Yours in struggle

For the state committee 6-06-07

CPI (Maoist) Karnataka
A squad of our PLGA(people’s liberation guerilla army) executed
the decision of the party to eliminate police informer Venkatesh , on
3rd of june , who is responsible for the murder of our beloved
malnadu area committee member ,com .Dinakar on December 2006. Vekatesh
took initiative to plan, inform and murder of com Dinakar. By that he
inflicted much loss to the revolutionary movement in malnad. Venkatesh
is exploiter of people he was running anti people businesses like
arrack, money lending, and cheaply procuring forest produce from the
common people. He was also active in anti people politics there.
Regarding police informers we already openly declared as enemies
of the people, irrespective of caste and class they belong to.

We published leaflets and conducted meetings on the matter. One’s
practice is deciding factor for ascertaining class nature. Informers
are nothing but feudal and state agents among the people. We can
analyze state of damages causing by informers from the period of anti
British struggle to till now. Mir sadik like people betrayed people
and inflicted serious damage to the freedom movement. In case of
Sangolli rayanna also this happened. This is repeating till now in
revolutionary and national liberation movement areas.

Reactionary governments are trying to build vast network of
informers to eliminate our party and revolutionary movement. They are
doing this in the name of socio economic development in revolutionary
movement areas. They were building this by providing attractive
incentives and huge sums of money and employment etc. This was proved
in the cases of sheshegowda and venkatesh also. So it is not
possible to see liberally about police informers.

In Karnataka we lost 8 comrades by the acts of police informers. We
did not take actions on them early. We preferred to educate and
convince them to being with the people and their cause. But by
state’s instigation and self initiative some exploiters become active
police informers. As they did not heed to the people’s interests
intentionally, it becomes inevitable for us to take actions on them.
It is essential to safeguard the people’s interests. We will not spare
any police informers if they continue their anti people activities

Karnataka government had announced several packages on eliminating
each of great revolutionaries. But no one of them not implemented
practically. This shows intention and hoax of their packages,I,e
only to create false illusion among the people. At the same time they
are aggressively bringing forward anti people projects and policies in
the name of upliftment of the people Etc. implementing various
suppressive measures like forming notorious anti naxalite force,
foisting false cases on struggling people, arrests, fake encounters,
instigating communal and caste clashes, Pitting one against other etc.
They are snatching away the people and country’s livelihood in rural
as well as urban areas in the name of development, industrialization
as per the dictates of imperialists and local compradors.

Reactionary Bajrangadal leaders are acting as police agents, trying
to organize reactionary people and common people against the on going
revolutionary struggle in malnad and Karavali.For this they are
adopting cunning methods of their own . Sangh parivaar is doing
miss and disinformation campaign against us by distributing vulgar
leaflets in the name of jagrutha karnataka as per their culture. In
that, they are attacking progressive and democratic individuals and
organizations also.

We are appealing common and democratic people not to heed ill
hatched stories of reactionary bajarangadal leaders, as it is against
to the people and democracy .We are calling to fight against fascist
bajarangadal leaders.

We are seriously warning Bajarangadal and sangh parivaar leaders to
stop anti people activities immediately. Other wise they have to face
people’s wrath in near future.
we strongly condemning anti people policies and acts of the
government and demanding to stop those immediately.

We strongly demanding cancel all those anti people projects which
enables to uprooting of people’s lives and country.

The need of the hour is all struggling people should do united and
uncompromising fight against the common enemy-I.e. feudalism, state
and imperialism – of the people by all their might and means. That
only protects life and lands of the people and the country.

We are appealing all pro people and pro democratic forces to hail
and support ongoing revolutionary war all over India for uprooting
this rotten and fascist social system and for building new democratic
social system, where people will decide every thing.

Yours in struggle

For the state committee


Will CM’s homestay stop widow auctions?

June 5, 2007

Comrades many a time on this blog I have referred to the prevailing
barbarian social order in this country.

There are hundreds of such practices and prevailing social norms
and relations all over the country in which millions of people are enslaved.

Will CM’s homestay stop widow auctions?

TUMKUR: Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy, during his stay at Chikkanaikanahalli village of Naxal prone Pavagada taluk on June 3, will be in for a shock when he learns of the inhuman practice of auctioning widows that exists in the ‘Koracha’ community.

People of the community, who rear pigs for their living, have been leading a pathetic life in thatched huts with none of them literate. They begin rearing pigs right from childhood.

Given their poverty, if a woman’s husband dies, community leaders auction her within the community. Relatively well-todo of pig rearing lords from distant places specially from Andhra Pradesh take part in the bidding.

They pay the parents of her husband and take her away to engage her in rearing pigs. If the widow has enough money to pay the parents of her husband she can avoid being auctioned.

Alternatively, after the bidding she can pay the person who had bid for her and get herself freed and live independently Many such incidents still go unnoticed, sources said. In 2003 one such incident came to light in Pavagada town.

One Nagamma, a pig rearer who lost her husband, was pressured by the latter’s family to go with a person who bid for her. She neither had money to pay nor wanted to go with him. She lodged a complaint with the police who took action against the accused and set her free.

It is ignorance and poverty which give rise to such practices.


Compensation paid to Venkatesh’s family

June 5, 2007

Compensation paid to Venkatesh’s family

SRINGERI: The State Government has given Rs 2 lakh compensation to the bereaved family of shopkeeper Venkatesh.

Chief Whip in the Legislative Assembly Jeevaraj, who handed over the cheque to the family, said that the Government would give another Rs 3 lakh to the family in a week. Naxals had killed Venkatesh on Sunday, alleging that he had informed the police about the hideout of naxal Dinakar, who was later killed in an encounter.

When the body was handed over to the relatives at Sringeri Government Hospital, the people assembled there did not allow the body to be shifted to the native village for cremation till compensation was paid. Jeevaraj arrived at the hospital and handed over the cheque to the family, after which the body was moved.


Farmers start commiting suicide ahead of CM’s visit

June 4, 2007

The farmers in Karnataka have started committing suicide to welcome
the CM H.D Kumarswamy.

Farmer commits suicide ahead of CM’s visit
Saturday May 26 2007 11:57 IST

MYSORE: Ahead of the visit by Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy to Chamarajanagara town in the neighbouring district, a leading farmer and his own party JD(S) local leader has committed suicide after being unable to pay debt.

Somanna committed suicide by consuming pesticide, police said. In a six-page letter addressed to the Chief Minister, 65 year-old a B Somanna gave details of his borrowings from private money lenders and banks and said many farmers like him had not been able to avail of the benefits given by the state government on loan and interest waiver due to various problems.


Mangalore: Arundhati Roy Calls for Fight Against Communal Minds

May 22, 2007

Comrades I had the honor of being present at this speech
and she was brilliant as usual .The Karnataka Communal Harmony forum
also conducted an excellent workshop for two days on “Media and communalism”.

Mangalore: Arundhati Roy Calls for Fight Against Communal Minds

Mangalore, May 19: “The Gujarat massacre under the Narendra Modi government in 2002 was an election campaign. After the brutal display of butchery, he came back to power with a two thirds majority.” said Arundhati Roy, noted writer and Booker prize winner.

She was speaking at a national seminar on ‘Media and Communalism’ organized by the Karnataka Communal Harmony Forum at T V Ramana Pai Conventional hall on Saturday .

(The dignitaries on the dais)

“Modi was actually banking on the horror. At the same time, he started to reward killers. The outrage expressed by all has helped Modi to propagate his election campaign.” she said.

“After the massacre, a total of 289 cased had been filed under POTA. Out of which 286 were against Muslims and one against a Sikh.” asserted Arundhati Roy.

“When the Sabarmati Express was torched in the year 2002, nobody knew who did it. We will never get to the bottom of the story. When you see an attack, you will never know who did it,” she exclaimed.
(Rajinder Sachar Delivering his speech)

“Killing is not a new thing for India. We see similar things happening in Kashmir and the North East. But the experiment was tried in Gujarat. The same experiment is also tried now in the coastal regions of Karnataka.” she opined.

(Arudathi Roy delivering her speech)

The Rashtriya Svayamsevak Sangh (RSS) is really the ideological heart of BJP. Munje, the predecessor of the RSS founder , Hegdewar had met Mussolini of Italy those days and his ideology was propagated here. The RSS was founded in the pretext of recovering and rejuvenating the Hindu State. But it was only to ill-treat Muslims, just like Hitler had treated Jews.” she said.
(A jam packed hall-The room was overflowing with people who had come from far and wide and latecomers had to make do by standing in the back)

“From Munje to Modi, the goal, ideology and strategy has been consistent. This is an organization which promotes ruthlessness and hatred. The RSS has managed to change public discourse in the country. We must not take this threat lightly. They are trying to make a standardized majority and speak on behalf of them. Hence, we have to be militants in our actions,” she said.

Justice Rajinder Sachar delivered the inaugural address. Praful Bidwayi, senior journalist and columnist, New Delhi, Nupur Basu, Bangalore based senior journalist and film maker, were the other speakers on the occasion.

Abdusalaam Puttige, editor of Varta Bharati and G Rajashekhar, writer, were the guest speakers. C N Shetty, President, Karnataka Communal Harmony Forum, DK district, presided over the function.


Khaki Rakshas who killed Comrade Saketh Rajan now in jail for beating his wife

May 16, 2007

Cop decorated for gunning down Maoist jailed for beating wife

16 May 2007

BANGALORE — A Bangalore police inspector N. Srinidhi, who was conferred the gallantry medal by the President last year, for gunning down naxal leader Saketh Rajan, has been sent to jail for beating his wife.

Srinidhi, who has been serving as Inspector of Frazer Town police station here, was arrested by the Vijaynagar police after his wife Jyothi Shree, lodged a complaint of assault and dowry harassment against him.

Confirming the arrest of Srinidhi by the police on Monday, Bangalore City Police Commissioner N. Achuta Rao said the police officer would be suspended from duty.

According to a senior police officer handling the case, Srinidhi preferred going to jail rather than apologising and making up with his wife.

In her complaint, Jyothi Shree said Srinidhi constantly harassed and ill-treated her. According to the complaint, Srinidhi asked his wife to polish his shoes as usual on Sunday. “He gave me a couple of blows when I took some time to polish the shoes. His mother and brother encouraged him to hit me even harder though my eight-year-old son pleaded with him to stop beating. I fell unconscious soon after”, Jyothi Shree told the Women’s Commission and the police.

Before registering the case, the police asked Srinidhi to apologise to his wife and make a fresh start. “But, he remained adamant and did not express any regret. He admitted that he assaulted his wife as she ill-treated his aged mother and other family members”, the senior police officer handling the case told reporters.

Khaleej Times