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Piravi (The Birth) (1988) – Review

July 29, 2006

The movie is inspired by the ‘Rajan Case’ that occurred in Kerala during the time of the emergency in 1978. The Chief Minister of the State attended a college function where a boy sang a song against him. The boy was caught by the police, brutally tortured in the police station where he died.

Piravi (The Birth) (1988)
is an award-winning feature film directed by Shaji N. Karun. The film is in Malayalam. It stars Premji, Archana and Lakshmi Krishnamurthy. The film’s music is composed by G. Aravindan. Piravi met with widespread critical acclaim upon release. The film was screened and very well received at many film festivals across the world. It won the Golden Lotus Award for Best Film at the National Film Awards in 1989.


Piravi on Wikipedia

Piravi on IMDB

Comrades I do not have the movie right now
but I will try and get it soon and if possible.
I will host it online.


Maa Bhoomi – Our Land (Telgu )

July 25, 2006

Maa Bhoomi – Our Land (Telgu )

*With sub-titles in English*

About the film:

Set during one of India’s main peasant raisings, the Telangana insurrection between 1945 and 1951 in the pre-Independent state of Hyderabad, the Bengali director’s first feature film tells the story of Chander’s best-known novel from the peasant’s point of view.

A young peasant, Ramaiah, rebels against the corrupt rule of the Nizam, and when his girl friend has to submit to the potentate’s sexual coercion, Ramaiah leaves. He befriends a Marxist activist (the raising was CPI inspired) and participates in the independence struggle. When the peasants take over the village after the Independence, their anger boils over and they perpetrate a massacre.

In 1948 the Indian army marched into Hyderabad and suppressed the rising. Many of the ousted landlords returned to the power by becoming Congress officials, so that the peasants had to face the same struggle all over again.

This film is made in a documentary style inspired by Latin American political cinema but also uses Indian folk idioms such as Burra Katha style (the political education sequence with the union leader Maqbool). The film’s view of rising is mostly an uncritical one, esp. in comparison with recent analysis by historians sympathetic to political groups currently working in Telangana.

Link for part I

Link for part II

Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi – Movie Review

July 17, 2006

Movie Review of Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi

Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi is the Lal salaam of sudhir mishra to a generation that grew up in an era where india’s destiny could have been changed. A generation that dreamed to change the world, they fought with their parents, left what they had good education,money etc and went to remote villages to fight for an ideology.

Sudhir mishra tells the story about that generation and there thousand desires to a new generation, which is is ideologically empty and enjoying the benifits of the sacrifices made by the older generation without even thinking about them.But sudhir is not taking blatant sides in the movie, he does show his displeasure towards indira gandhi and the janatha party,but he is not rooting for the romantic idea of armed resistance.Things are told in a subtle way.

Unlike Govind nihlani’s “Hazar chaurasi ki Maa” which presents the idea raw, sudhir presents it wraped in a beautiful love story.

Read full review here

Review by CPI(M-L)Liberation

Scenes from the Movie

A poster carried by the main protoganist bears a resemblence to Comrade
Charu Mazumdar

Vikrams wedding procession

For International Readers the Movie is available on Net Flix

Net Flix Link for Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi

For Local readers the movie should be available at hong kong, burma bazaar
will not cost you more than 50-70 Rs

I am sorry I do not have the movie or the bandwidth to upload it but it
is available for download on bit-torrents for those want to download it
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Dasi – The Bondswoman Part – 1 & 2 ( Telugu )

July 9, 2006

Dasi / Daasi (Bondswoman) Part-1 & 2[Telugu]-

* With English Sub-Titles *

Set in 20’s, it chronicles the unenviable life of a housemaid,
who was in custom then, came as a part of dowry to a rich
Zamindar’s house. She goes through the
back breaking routine of household chores as well as
being expected to entertain the zamindar and his male guests.

When she gets pregnant, she is forced to abort. Narsing Rao, with the
help of his cameraman AK Bir, recreates the graceful lifestyle of the
privileged in limpid, sensuous images, as when the wife of the zamindar
is bathed and coiffeured by her maids, and contrasts it effectively
with his bleak suffocating world of the housemaid, whose world is not
her own.

The film that won Narsing Rao critical respect is
Daasi (Bonded Woman 1988).
This film won five National Awards, including the one
for Best Actress, won by Archana who played her role
with consummate skill.

Daasi Review at IMDB

Google Video Link for Part 1 (With English Subtitles )

Google Video Link for Part 2 (With English Subtitles )

Eventhough the movie is set in the 1920’s ,this practice is still
prevalent in many parts of India today.
The only people who have fought tirelessly against this degrading
inhuman practice are the maoists and naxalites.