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Chhattisgarh Terror Police exhibiting their natural behaviour

May 30, 2007

Khakhi Rakshashas exhibiting their natural behaviour

One Khaki Rakshas kicks the old adivasi in his face while another pulls his
hair , the other two Rakshashas watch with amusement,
while the old man breaks down into tears.

This type of behaviour can been seen all over Chhattisgarh and
more so in Bastar where msotly non-adivasi police personnel rape,
murder and loot the adivasi’s at will. Most adivasi’s
are considered sub-humans by caste hindus who now rule Chhattisgarh.

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Rape of Chhattishgarh – 60 years of Slavery

April 23, 2007

Chhattishgarh – While adivasis kill adivasis , criminal corporations and the bania merchant class thinks they can laugh all the way to the bank.. Will they ?

Chhattisgarh in Pictures.

A government hospital in Chhattisgarh.This has been the state of affairs for the last
60 years of sham independence that Chhattisgarh has suffered under.People prefer to risk death at the hands of some witch doctor and his primitive medicine for the government hospitals
mean sure death with their lack of competent doctors and high levels of infection.

A school in bilaspur,chhattisgarh .This is the state of affairs in most parts of Chhattishgarh.
33 % of the kids you see in this picture will die before they reach adulthood from malnutrition and easily preventable diseases. 33% will end up as Maoists or Maoist sympathisers.22% will be forced to join an anti-maoist campaign.11% will become beggars in their own land.

A class in progress.They haven’t seen a teacher in years.

School or Dust bin ?

These men who have been recruited to Salwa Judum to serve as shields for the brave
armed forces and cannon fodder think fighting maoists is like how Dhoni hits sixes.What they don’t understand is that they are condeming their entire tribe and clan to total destruction by waging war against the last hope of the adivasi’s.They will most likely end up like the Salwa Judum activist below.

Young Maoist soldiers fight against poverty and exploitation.Its sad to see that
they are yet to sprout any facial hair.They must be 17 or 18.

It is important to quote General Secretary of the CPI(Maoist) on young soldiers

As regards training minors under 18 years in the use of arms, we wish to make it clear that our policy and the PLGA constitution stipulate that no one should be taken into the army without attaining 16 years of age. And this age limit is strictly followed while recruiting. In the specific conditions prevailing in the war zone children attain mental and political maturity by the time they complete 16 because they are directly or indirectly involved in the revolutionary activity from their very childhood. They receive basic education and political training early in their lives and have organisational experience as members of balala sangham (children’s associations).

But now the enemy has changed the entire situation in this region by pursuing a policy of “kill all, burn all, destroy all” not sparing even children and old people who are forced to flee the villages and stay in forests and have to arm themselves for their self-defence. When the enemy is erasing every norm of international law, the oppressed people have the full right to arm themselves and fight.

Making a fuss over age makes no meaning in a situation where the enemies of the people are targeting children too without any mercy. If the boys and girls do not do resist with arms they will be eliminated completely. The intellectuals of the civil society should understand this most inhumane and cruel situation created by the enemy and take the side of the people instead of pushing them more into defensive by raising all sorts of idealistic objections.

-Ganapathi(Geneneral Secretary of CPI(Maoist) in leter to ICI )

The Maoists killed his father in a truck blast… the young boy is all set to
become a part of salwa judum.

The child of a police officer killed in action(do not know whether it was with Naxalites) is
given a ceremonial role in a police station .When they think he has come of age he will have the option to fill his fathers shoes.Looks like Cannon fodder is being cultivated across generations.

Vultures of Chhattisgarh

These three vultures TATA,Essar And De Beers hope to
exploit the wealth of the Adivasi’s. These adivasi’s are
multi billionaires on paper.The land that their ancestors have
lived on for centuries are rich in mineral ores and diamonds
and are worth 100’s of billions of dollars yet they continue
to live in poverty and are being made into slaves in their
own land by criminal corporations who now wish to
exploit it.

The Maoists today represent the last stand of the adivasi
masses , their inspiring resistance against the loot by
criminal corporations and bania cartels will truly go down
in the People’s history of India as one of most
important struggles of our times.

A turning point it shall be….

In the absence of the Maoists.. the adivasi’s by now would be
all set to join the Red Indians of North America….
but there is still hope that the Maoists will lead the people of
Chhattisgarh to ultimate victory and overthrow their
tyrannical rulers and free them from the inhuman economic
system and barbarian social order.

And hope dies last…

Only after every single one of us is dead…

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Nepal: CPN(Maoist) March 8th Rally at Pokhara

March 22, 2007

Neil recently visited Nepal and was there at the rally of the CPN(Maoist) held on the 8th of March at Pokhara.

Below is his post on the topic

When I told my classes I was taking a day off to go to Prachanda’s speech on March 8th. They asked “Why? You can’t understand what he says.” I didn’t really have an answer, other than it would be pretty silly to call myself a Maoist expert and not go. Needless to say, I now feel justified in attending. Much has been made about some of Prachanda’s controversial statements, but I haven’t seen much else covered. For those who want to know what actually happens at these events, the following is my account of the day.

Rest of the post

Some Pictures from the event.

Com Baburam Bhattarai

baburam bhattarai

baburam nepal

Com Prachanda


Pushpa Kamal dahal

The Crowd

maoist rally nepal

maoist crowd cpn(maoist)

Display of skills

maritial art display

CPI(Maoist) 9th Congress – Pictures

March 21, 2007

All the below pictures and resolutions of the CPI(Maoist)are courtesy of

Click on images for large high resolution images



If you look closely you will see that Comrade Saketh Rajan’s name
along with the other great leaders is there on the Hall Main Entrance

CPI(MAOIST) 9TH Congress

cpi(maoist) naxal naxalite

Martyrs Coloumn

PGLA , CPI(Maoist)

cpi(Maoist) hall, conference

Some Pictures of Maoists from various parts of India

March 18, 2007

An assorted collection of pictures taken from the Internet.

If you have any quality images of Maoist revolutionaries of India please email them to
our email addresses or leave a link to them in the comments section

Cadre of the erstwhile PWG

Dalam members engaged in discussions to chalk out strategy

Members of the Jana Natya Mandali perform in front of a dalam
People Power !

A memorial for those butchered by the State

A dalam member interacting with adivasis

Mass rally in Hyderabad

March of the Maoists !
A maoist cadre cooks in a make-shift camp
A senior Naxalite commander known as Comrade Kosa addresses about 5,000 tribal militiamen and supporters at an April rally near Bastar, India.

Resistance Today ! Revolution Tomorrow !

Singur Police Brutality Pictures – Buddhadeb’s Gestapo breaks bones of farmers and molests women

December 6, 2006

Singur Police Brutality Pictures – Buddhadeb’s Gestapo breaks bones of farmers and molests women

Click on Images for larger picture

Singur Image from – Anandpatrika

Singur Image from Bartamanpatrika

Singur Image from Telegraph

Che Guevara

October 11, 2006

Che Guevara
Che Guevara

This single photograph of argentinian born cuban revolutionary Che Guevara stands out as one of the most powerful photographs of the last century.

The emotions that this man continues to evoke even today
among ordinary people are so strong that I find it hard to
believe he has been dead for decades.

You might have seen this image on T-Shirts,books…

Alberto Korda was the photographer who took the picture of Che
Guevara that became an icon of left-wing revolutionaries
and students worldwide.

Alberto Korda
Korda took the photo for which he will be best remembered at
a memorial service in March 1960.

Che Guevara stepped onto the podium and scanned the crowd.
Korda snapped two quick shots, including the legendary
one of the revolutionary with his beret, gazing like a
prophet into the distance.

dead che guevaraChe Guevara was tracked down and executed
by a American trained unit of the bolivian army.
His hands were subsquently chopped of and sent as ID proof.

Above is a picture of Felix Rodriguez(The man on the left ) with a captured Che Guevara. Felix was a CIA trained operative who supervised the capture and exectution of Che Guevara.Rodriguez is know to show Guevara’s Rolex watch which he took as a sovenir.

He had close relations with many american terrorists
including George Bush Sr.

To watch the video Commandant Che Guevara
Click Here

For complete informaion about che guevara

Pyramid of Capitalist System

October 7, 2006

Pyramid of Capitalist System – South Asian Version

Click on image to see the larger version
Pyramid of Capitalist System India

Original Version
Pyramid of Capitalist System IWW

Walt Disney buys out Chandamama – Cultural Imperialism gets a strangehold on young Indian minds.

September 8, 2006

I used to read this magazine when I was a kid.
I am disheartened to read that Walt Disney is now all set to acquire it.

Click on image for larger picture

Walt Disney all set to buy out Chandamama
Western propoganda will now to be directly beamed into the minds
of young children.

MUMBAI: Walt Disney, the iconic American brand synonymous with kids and fun across the world, is in talks to buy out Chandamama, the well-established household magazine that kids and adults love equally.

The sale is a bid to modernise the magazine that was launched in 1947. Disney’s move, if it succeeds, could see it controlling a publication that is deeply entrenched in the minds of the traditional Indian middle-class household. It developed content and a message based on Indian culture and ethos. Before the advent of satellite TV, internet and the spread of Bollywood, Chandamama was a popular reading material for the entire household. Even today, it sells over 200,000 copies in over 12 languages.

The size of the deal is expected to be under Rs 20 crore, the sources added. Though the value is not very high, the importance of the deal lies in Chandamama’s unique brand recall and popularity even in the age of satellite TV and internet. Mr Vinod Sethi, former Morgan Stanley MD, and the family of filmmaker B Nagi Reddy own more than 60% in Chandamama India, the publishing house of the magazine.

The remaining stake is owned by some major corporates, including the Tata and Dabur group. Mr Viswanatha Reddy is the editor, publisher and managing director of Chandamama India.

Mr Sethi declined to comment on the issue. However, sources close to the development said apart from Walt Disney, the promoters are also talking to a prominent NRI business group that has major plans for the Indian entertainment industry. Mr K Seshasayee, spokesperson for Walt Disney India, denied the development saying, “It’s speculation.”

If successful, the move to sell controlling stake in Chandamama could be one of the most high-profile developments in Indian media, after the government allowed 100% FDI in speciality magazines, a category under which Chandamama is currently slotted.


Maoist PLA Camp Nepal

August 4, 2006

Continuation of Photojournalist usha titikshu journey to a PLA camp in Ramdhuni, Makwanpur District,(Nepal) with these photos.
The previous photos from this series can be found here


Regular parade, during which the arms are kept on display while the troops parade in march.

On the way to digging an irrigation canal.


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