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Comments from Capitalist Scum of the Indian Economy blog

October 7, 2006

Comments from Capitalist Scum of the Indian Economy blog

Yesterday I was going through this capitalist propoganda blog
called Indan Economy.I found this extremely
distasteful comment that basically sums up the mindset of
India’s ruling elite.

A user know as ‘Kya Tu bhi” posted the below comment
in support of one of their articles.

” Capitalism does not involve much implementing, it mostly involves GETTING OUT OF THE WAY & letting the people/markets take charge.

Also, there is no obligation to take everybody along. If a businessman makes a profit running a factory to import autoparts, it is not his obligation to convince the kapaas ki kheti karne wala farmer to stop swallowing pesticide because he can’t efficiently farm kapaas. If you can’t farm kapaas, get your butt into the factory & slog away on autoparts. There is no obligation on part of GoI or anybody else to turn your kapaas ki kheti profitable.”


India’s Ruling Classes are not bothered about the
suffering of our Peasents.Instead of sympathy,empathy,
some meaningful financial or emotional support
all that our farmers are showered with is contempt !

Contempt for ordinary folk

“They did it for the handouts.”
That’s another jibe that reeks of contempt for ordinary folk. It tells us more about the people asserting this than about those taking their lives. The notion is that people destroy their families forever in order to get a ‘compensation’ of Rs.1 lakh. This reduces the victim to some kind of crazed beast. Yawn. It’s all been said before. In 1998, using precisely this claim, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu scrapped compensation for suicide-hit families. Fact: the suicides shot up and were at their highest in the years 1998-2004 when there was no compensation at all.

The notion that people destroy their families forever in order to get a ‘compensation’ of Rs.1 lakh reduces the victim to some kind of crazed beast.
Then there are the ideologically insane. The members of the sect have no interest in either farmers or agriculture. Only in upholding their Gospel.

For them, farmers are dying because they have not been reached by free market reforms. If more of them keep dying after they are reached, it’s because the “reforms have not gone far enough.” It hangs a halo of righteousness around wanton ignorance.

Read the full article What the heart does not feel


Land mafia kingpin H.D Kumarswamy seeks solace in Idol Worship

September 4, 2006

Land mafia kingpin H.D Kumarswamy reeling under accusations from mining mafia kingpin Janardhan Reddy,has now decided to seek solace in idol worship at the Dharmasthala temple.

I am sure he must have prayed for divine intervention to help him supress
the aspirations of the people, carried out under the leadership and
guidance of naxalites in and around that region.

This is nothing new the former CM pig Dharam singh
too had once prayed to Mookambika to help him
suppress the revolutionary
struggle of the people led by the naxalites in Karnataka.
Dharam seeks divine intervention to counter naxalites

A couple of years ago the Peoples War Group in Andhra Pradesh
almost gave a direct ,no return ticket
to Mr Chandrababu Naidu while he was on his way to
the Tirupathi Devasthanam.

Mangalore Sept 2:
Karnataka State Chief Minister H. D. Kumaraswamy visited Dharmastala on Friday night and halted at Sannidi. On Saturday morning Kumaraswamy, along with his brother visited the Temple of Manjunatha Swamy. Later he visited Subramanya by road.

He also expressed his concern over the Naxal problem. He was emphatic that the naxal menace would be dealt with severaly and warned extremists of stringent action if they continued to disturb the peace in the region.

He specially warned the naxals against misleading the youth of our society and dragging them into violent activities in order to disturb the peace in the society. The government would provide sophisticated weapons to the police to deal with extremists besides sanctioning funds required for the purpose, he added.

However, the Chief Minister also assured the Naxals that their problems would be solved if they would come into the open with their grievances.

“Tell us what your(naxals) problems are and we will find a solution”, he said.

Kumarswamy observed that the naxals menace, if not curbed, might take a serious turn and the region, known for peace and natural beauty might not remain the same. Saying that the government is serious about the issue, he added that every effort would be made in order to restore peace in the region.


Stop this madness !

August 22, 2006

Madness grips Hindu’s !

A baby fights for survival at his mothers shrivelled breasts.

The above picture is from Africe but then we don’t even have to look that
far we have had starvation deaths in India a week ago in Muzzafar hunger drove a Mother to sell her 3 day old baby for 21 Rs(approximately 50 US cents)

She was unable to feed herself and her new-born child and therefore decided to sell her and settle at her native place, reports said.

Muzaffarpur district, incidentally, has been in the news for all the wrong reasons for the last over two months. Two Dalits including a woman killed themselves for want of food in two separate incidents. The third starvation death occurred in Begusarai district.

And what do upper and middle class Hindus do to alleviate the
hunger of the suffering masses(dalits,tribals and adivasi’s) ?
They feed milk to their gods.

Got Milk ?

Idols across India begin drinking Milk!

And as if that wasn’t enough

In Maharashtra where more than 700 farmers have commited suicide in just
one small region of Vidharba
,the sai baba temple which
plans to build a solid gold throne for holy man Sai Baba,
whose statue is housed there.This temple is barely 200km away from
the farmer suicide belt of Vidharba

About 251kg (553lb) of gold will be needed, at an estimated
cost of nearly $4.8m (220m rupees,£2.5m).

Silver is out.Gold is in
Saibaba needs a gold throne or else he won’t be cool enough
for the brain washed masses!

Golden Throne for Indian Shrine

Who will stop society from further decay ?

Pro-RSS website carries subtle death threats to Intellectuals and Human Rights Activists

August 4, 2006

Pro-RSS website carries subtle death threats
to Intellectuals and Human Rights Activists

The government of India has been on a website banning spree in the last
few months and has banned several pro-maoist websites and blogs.
You can read about it here.

the government has not touched websites that have issued subtle death threats
to Maoist supporters and sympathisers.
I wouldn’t be surprised if the Government itself authorised the
setting up of these websites.

One website that is hosted is on geocites at
and calls itself

It carries a hit list and has addresses of prominent
intellectuals and Human Right’s Activists whom it plans to target.

From the website

We are watching you with million pair of eyes we know where you live , your families and what you do.Beware……henceforth you are held responsible for all your actions and we have no regrets for the consequences.

Note – This warning was noticed by us in the last month.
It is not known when it was mounted on the web site.
It is possible that this death threat could be more than
a year old.

This website is connected to a particular reactionary
blog which claims to “watch” naxalites.

Nepal King seeks solace on the Internet

August 4, 2006

Nepal King seeks solace on the Internet

After losing his grip on the government and the army and living with the threat of losing his crown, Nepal’s King Gyanendra has turned to a new avenue for solace – online gambling, a report said.

The 60-year-old monarch, whose gamble to follow in the footsteps of his father and revive the era of all-powerful kings crashed after a nationwide revolt, is now trying his luck at poker and blackjack on the Internet, the Jana Aastha weekly reported on Wednesday.

Suffering from depression and fluctuating blood pressure after he was forced to hand over power to a multi-party government and endure the curtailing of his purse and privileges by parliament, the headstrong king is also haunted by insomnia that is keeping him up till late at night, the weekly said.

To take his mind off the political developments in the country that threaten to abolish monarchy by holding an election in less than a year, the king is gaming online in the Narayanhiti royal palace.

Recently, he has been playing online poker and blackjack till almost three o’clock in the morning, the weekly reported.

The king is using his international credit cards for the gambling, entering their details online, a move most Internet savvy credit card users avoid to prevent online fraud.

However, though the businessman king engineered a coup with perfect precision last year to seize power, his subsequent actions showed a lack of astuteness and business sense.

During his 15-month direct rule, he was swayed by royalist ministers, relatives and advisers, authorising enterprises that cost the state millions of rupees.

They included shutting down services of the state-owned telecom company to help his son-in-law’s private telephone firm make a quick profit and trying to borrow money from a shady organisation in a scheme that would have ripped off the apex bank in the country, Nepal Rastra Bank, for billions.

Even now, the king’s largesse to a royal relative, running over NRS 1 crore, ostensibly to fund her medical treatment in the UK and Thailand, is under scrutiny in parliament.

The king’s late-night forays into online casinos is proving costly for his retainers, the weekly said.

Palace employees have to stay up as long as the playing monarch does to bring him coffee and water, it reported. There are about 900 employees in the royal household.

However, they would have a reprieve this week as the king plans to go to another palace in Nagarjuna, a forest reserve on the outskirts of Kathmandu valley, Thursday to spend some time there, the report said.

It would be the first time the king would be leaving the palace since April, when street protests forced him to reinstate parliament after nearly four years and step down as head of the government.

The Nagarjuna trip would to some extent avoid a mortifying situation as a Chinese delegation arrives in Kathmandu on Thursday.

Chinese vice foreign minister Wu Tawei is leading a 10-member team on a three-day visit to discuss with Nepal’s new government “ways to assist in the recent political transformation”.

The visit signifies China’s complete desertion of the king, who last year praised Beijing as Nepal’s “all-weather friend” for supporting the royal coup and stepping up arms sale to the Nepal army at a time the international community suspended military assistance.



June 25, 2006

Around the time the Maoists were distributing blankets among India’s poor,marginalized and shivering citizens, the Government of India spent
Rs 40 Crore (approximately
9 million US $)

on a 11 eleven-minute show at the recently concluded CommonWealth Games in Melbourne

Bollywood stars like
Priyanka Chopra and Lara Dutt got 1 crore each
for simply waving to the crowds. And the so-called face of Indian cinema
Aishwarya Rai’s fake patriotism was exposed when she boasted of performing
at the ceremony just for patriotic reasons.
Aishwarya Rai’s Patriotism costs – Rs 3 crore

The organizer of the event, Mr. Viraf Sarkar of Wizcraft says that Bollywood stars were showcasing our country.

Parasites belonging to the Shiamak Davar Group hooked on to this vulgar event
and 400 of them were flown in from India so that they could eventually shake their booty in Australia.

Shiamak Davar’s Freeloaders

I know for sure that there are more talented
and patriotic people in Jana Natya Mandali’s(JNM- Peoples Dance Group)
managed by the CPI(Maoist)

Instead of spending 40 Crores on these parasites we could have bought
20,00,000 blankets and distributed it to the poor and needy.

Thats not it

In early Jan 2006
when 172 Indians had died from a 2-week
cold wave in North India due to lack of adequate clothing and food.
P. Chidambaram was in Davos at the World Economic Forum distributing
iPod’s loaded with Indian pop and classical music,
a piece of traditional art, some ayurvedic oils
and hold your breath …

Pashmina Shawls !


In the evenings, the bars at several hotels will host India hours,
where Indian wine, beer, and snacks — such as samosas and kebabs
will be dished up by the famous Indian chef Hemant Oberoi.

The governement spent 13 Crore (3 million US $) on this vulgar campaign.
With 13 Crore rupees we could have bought 6,50,000 Blankets.
The world economic forum is place where rich elite capitalists
get together and pat each others back’s.
P.Chidambaram is India’s Finance Minister
(Now I know what the P stands for )

Shame on Mr Chidambaram !
Shame on us all !
Down with UPA !

Red Salute to the Maoists who despite the State repression and
scarce resources have once again come to the aid of the people.

After Choppers its Cars now – Mining Mafia on shopping spree

June 24, 2006

After choppers, it’s cars now!

This news is some months old but nonetheless relevant


After the recent helicopter-buying spree of the rich mine owners and industrialists of the district, middle, upper middle class , high income citizens here are now making a beeline for buying luxurious cars.(Note – The media uses different terms to describe the assorted scum who constitute the mining mafia that is looting the peoples wealth. )

Though this trend was on the rise for the last two years, for obvious reasons, it has gained momentum after the recent panchayat elections.

As the year 2005 came to an end, expensive cars like Mercedes Benz and Terracan and mid-segment vehicles like Safari, Innova and Bolero have started making a sudden appearance on Bellary roads. Whether the roads, which are in a very bad shape, can handle this traffic or not, new luxurious cars have been queuing up in front of the Regional Transport Office for registration.

The panchayat elections too have contributed to this trend in their own way. The winners and losers alike in the elections have been buying new vehicles. While many of them bought new cars, some changed their old ones.

A new car showroom, which opened just two months ago, sold its 100th car on Tuesday. The showroom did celebrate this in style.

Much of the demand for luxury cars come from Bellary and Hospet. “We get the expensive cars delivered from either Hubli or Bangalore,” says Shivaprakash Shirakola, one of the sales executives of a firm.

Attractive bank loan available for car buyers is also helping boost the sales, he adds.

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BJP scum buys Helicopter with wealth looted from the people

June 18, 2006


Scum – Gandi nali ke woh keede jo praja tantr me raj karte hain. Anil Lad( BJP MLA from Bellary )

BJP scum buys Helicopter with wealth looted from the people

Fed up with the poor condition of roads in his constituency, an MLA from Karnataka has brought a single-engine Bell 407 helicopter for
Rs 11.5 crore
to be able to travel and help attend to the problems of my voters.

Anil Lad, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) legislator from Kudligi, is the youngest owner of a Bell helicopter in India.

Lad says the chopper will help him reach out to the people in his constituency, which is part of the backward Bellary district in central Karnataka. “My house is about 70 km from my constituency. Given the condition of roads in the district, it takes me three hours to reach there in my car. The chopper will be a big help in attending to the problems of my voters,” Lad told Mumbai Mirror.

The six-seater is the first Bell 407 to be assembled by the Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL) unit in Bangalore. Last week, the aircraft was delivered to Lad.

In all, there are 19 Bell 407s in India with 32-year-old Lad being the youngest in the list of persons who own this aircraft.

Lad is also the first MLA in the state to own a helicopter.

Apart from public service, the legislator will use the aircraft to manage his mining business. Lad owns the VSL Mining Company in the neighbouring Sandur constituency.

He has constructed a helipad near his house, one at his farmhouse and another near his mine. He pays his pilot Rs 1.5 lakh a month to fly him around in the 407. “
Initially, I had thought of buying a jet.
But the runway for a jet would require a lot of space, so I opted for a chopper,”
says Lad who shot to fame around the time the BJP joined hands with the JD(S)
and in which the MLA played a crucial role.

What Anil Lad has done is nothing new but quite a common phenomeon throught
India where the co-ordinated and controlled loot of the peoples wealth by the
elite few and their corporations takes place every day.

Workers conditions in the Mines operated by Anil Lad

In the minefield of exploitation

In the pits

It is no longer the case of a few rotten apples, the whole tree is rotten
and must be uprooted soon,lest it falls on us and finishes us all.
— Stalingam