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CPM cadres raid Nandigram, butcher farmers resisting landgrab

January 8, 2007

NandigramA farmer from Nandigram keeps a look out for CPM lumpens and goons. Picture by Sanjoy Chattopadhyaya.

Here is a full report on what exactly happened
CPM cadres raid Nandigram
8 dead; TMC, Cong call for bandh today

Subhrangshu Gupta
Tribune News Service

Kolkata, January 7
A group of CPM cadres, armed with automatic rifles and other weapons and wearing police uniforms, raided Nandigram village last night and gunned down at least six farmers in accordance to the party’s suddenly adopted policy of applying force against the Krishi Bachaoo Committee, opposing the land transfer to Indonesia’s Salim group.

In the clashes that followed between the two groups, two CPM workers were also killed. Over 12 were severely injured either by gunshots or blasts and they had been admitted to different hospitals in Midnapore town and Kharagpur, where the condition of seven was stated to be critical.

The villagers killed included Biswajit Maiti, Bhudeb Mondal, Sk. Salim, Bharat Mondal, Sankar Samanta and Bishnu Maiti.

According to official reports, the CPM workers encircled Nandigram village around midnight and attacked the farmers assembled in the Garchakraberia, Sonachura and Tekhali bazaar areas. The attacks were retaliated and soon followed an armed clash between the two groups.

Oddly enough, there was no police force posted around the place at the time of the incident as it had been withdrawn earlier following the decision of the all-party meeting in the morning.

The Trinamool Congress (TMC), Congress, SUCI and several other parties have givev a call for Bangla bandh tomorrow demanding the resignation of Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee and the imposition of President’s rule in the state.

Meanwhile, Mr Bhattacharjee, who was busy today negotiating with a Dubai-based industrialist, Sheikh Suleman, for an investment proposal at Kulpi in the Sunderbans where some 640 acres would be needed for the project,
regretted the incident at Nandigram but reiterated that the industrial expansion programme would continue.

The incident was an outcome of a provocation call to the party cadres by Mr Benoy Konar, senior central committee member, who is also a prominent leader of the party’s Kishan Front, for confronting the unwilling farmers and their supporters with force for ensuring an easy transferring of 10,000 acres there to Salim industries.

He said their policy would now be “gun for gun and lathis for lathis”, alleging that some Naxalites and the branded criminals had been behind the farmers’ agitations who needed to be firmly tackled. Mr Konar had asked the Left front partners like the CPI, RSP and the Forward Bloc either to support the government or quit.

Leaders of the three major front partners, namely the CPI, RSP and the FB demanded that the government should immediately stop “land grabbing policy” and hold all-party talks and adopt a decision on the future land acquiring for industries.

Ms Mamata Banerjee, who has been recuperating at a nursing home, and Mr Pradip Bhattacharyya, working WBPCC president, squarely blamed the chief minister for acting as an agent of the capitalists and held him responsible for the innocent killing in the Nandigram village.



CPM unleashes TERROR in Nandigram – Four people have been killed and six injured

January 7, 2007

Thirigula Thirigula ochandhi Naxalbari,
Nemu maraname ledhandi Naxalbari! –
a telugu song by
subbarao panigrahi, a great poet- fighter.

(English Translation — Naxalbari will come again and again, it never dies)

CPM unleashes TERROR in Nandigram – Four people have been
killed and six injured

Current situation extremely violent, critical and tense in Nandigram.

Condition of injured extremely critical.
Death toll expected to rise.

4 Villagers protesting land acquisition shot dead in West Bengal

Kolkata TV, a Bengali news channel, showed footage of a bullet-riddled Bharat Mandal, a member of the newly formed Bhumi Ucched Pratirodh Committee (Committee to Resist Eviction from Land), lying dead.Along with him 3 other villagers were also killed.

Bharat was taken to a health centre in a rickshaw van but died on early Sunday.

“The CPI-M men raided us in police fatigues and killed him,” a villager alleged.

“Bharat has two daughters and a son. I don’t know what would happen to his family,” the brother of Bharat Mandal said.

Local journalists claimed the attack was organised by the CPI-M men who started throwing bombs from across the river at Khejuri towards Nandigram.

Opposition parties have called for a 24-hour shutdown on Tuesday.

The Rapid Action Force (RAF) was deployed in Nandigram after the violence even as Left Front leaders demanded an immediate meeting of the Front to discuss the situation.

At least 22 mass organisations on Saturday formed a body to prevent any attempt by the West Bengal government to acquire land for a chemical hub and a special economic zone (SEZ) in Nandigram that saw violent protests against the proposal this week.

The Bhumi Ucched Pratirodh Committee (Committee to Resist Eviction from Land) was formed to prevent any move to acquire land for a proposed project by the Salim group of Indonesia and the state government even as CPI-M activists flexed their muscles and drew a battle line with the angry farmers and residents.

“We will not give any land for industrialisation here at any cost or price. We will teach the government a lesson if they use force,” said a representative of the new body.



Death Toll rises to 6

Six killed in Nandigram violence

Sunday, January 7, 2007 (Nandigram):

Overnight clashes at Nandigram between CPM supporters and villagers backed by the Trinamool and other parties have left six people dead and several others seriously injured.

The police have not been able to go into the area during the night long bombing and firing. Even Sunday morning, though a huge police force has been rushed to the area, they have not been able to enter the villages.

On Saturday, the police had met with representatives from the Congress, the Trinamool, the SUCI and the Jamaat-e-Ulema-e-Hind. It was decided that the police would not enter the villages and the parties would try and restore peace themselves.


From the depths of human barbarity, CPM successfully ascends Mt Everest of Hypocrisy

December 22, 2006

From the depths of human barbarity, CPM successfully ascends Mt Everest of Hypocrisy

After bludgeoning Rajkumar Bul to death in a lathicharge on 25th of
September and then raping and burning alive Tapasi Malik on the
morning of December 19th, they now preach to the centre on SEZ’s !

The speed with which it has risen from depths of barbarity displayed
by it’s goons and police in the fields of singur to the heights
of hypocrisy leaves me breathless..

I need to keep cylinders of oxygen next to my computer.

Business/Economy : Amend SEZ Act and emulate Singur, CPI-M tells government
Posted by admin on 2006/12/21 7:36:10

New Delhi, Dec 21 (IANS) Under fire for acquiring fertile farmlands in West Bengal for a car project, the Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) has chosen to attack the central government over Special Economic Zones and its “ruthless” acquisition of agricultural land.

The CPI-M, which along with three other Left parties supports Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s government, demanded in its mouthpiece Thursday that New Delhi should amend SEZ Act and put the package offered by the West Bengal government in Singur as “the best” to emulate.

The CPI-M’s advice comes despite the campaign in West Bengal state over the acquisition of farmland for a Tata small car project in Singur. Trinamool Congress leader Mamata Banerjee has been on fast for 18 days against it.

“The ruthless acquiring of fertile agricultural land for SEZs needs to be urgently regulated,” an editorial in “People’s Democracy” said.

The editorial suggested that the central government and states could follow the West Bengal government while awarding compensation for land that is acquired.

“The complete package offered by the CPI-M-led Left Front government in West Bengal is one of the best and, hence, needs to be emulated elsewhere.”

The Left parties had told the government that the present SEZ Act and Rules would have to be amended on crucial issues such as land acquisition, tax concessions, land use and implementation of labour laws.

In a note handed over to the Left, the government has defended the SEZ Act saying it had been enforced 10 months ago and was at a “nascent” stage. “Any arbitrary change in the SEZ Act and Rules would send a wrong signal to the investors,” the note said.

But the communists refused to buy the argument. “This position of the government is untenable,” the editorial said.

“When the SEZ Act was passed in parliament, the idea was to provide a stable policy framework for creating some Special Economic Zones in different parts of the country, which through the provision of quality infrastructure and some tax incentives would give a boost to industrial growth and exports.

“It is the proliferation of SEZ proposals and their en masse approvals granted by the government within a matter of a few months which has quite naturally, given rise to a big public debate,” the article said, pointing out that China, which has a successful story of SEZs, has only six and there are only 2,000 of them across the world.

But the Indian government has already sanctioned 237 SEZs and approved another 166 in principle within less than a year of the promulgation of the SEZ rules.

Pointing out that the CPI-M has been arguing for a thorough revamp of the Land Acquisition Act, it said: “This is a legislation enacted in British India way back in 1894. A new act must be brought to replace this one which shall legally ensure that the owners of the acquired land have not only consented but become stakeholders in future projects, and that the compensation covers not only the land owners but all other sections who were dependent on agricultural activity for their livelihood.”